Sunday, November 2, 2014

a new life

friday night october 31, 2014, roody and i were in my car. we had just left my parents' house and were on the way to way to our beloved little apartment. i looked over at roody and frowned, "tomorrow we are back to real life."
"but it's a new life," and he smiled.

we've been married for about 10 days and the thing i can say is everything changes. life is completely different, and it all happened with one word. the change is mostly for the better. [the hard part is that my life is no longer mine. and it was mine alone for 26 years. i have always been against people marrying too young, but i'm beginning to see a *possible* advantage ;) ] since i was in young women's i dreamed of being the wife who cooked delicious meals and kept meticulous budgets and deep cleaned the house everyday while my husband was at work. those fantasies are starting to come true! i am the queen of ardmore place.

getting married was the best thing that ever happened. the day was exactly perfect and everything i dreamed that my wedding would ever be. that morning. i woke up around 8:30 and showered. it took me until about 11:30 to get totally ready then miriam took a few pictures of me.

at 12 she, lindsay and i took my mom's car to provo where roody was getting ready.  here's our first looks at each other in our wedding get ups :)

then we set out on the long trip to manti :) when we got there, we took pictures for about an hour.  it was way hotter than i thought it was going to be. end of october and almost 80 degrees!!

it was a truly sweet experience, having traveled so far to be at this special temple when there are so many temples so much closer. after an hour of the couple shots, the rest of the wedding party came (photos to follow) some people were late (i should have planned for that....) so we were a little rushed getting them all done, but the bride and groom got inside on time. my mom came in with me. as we were walking in the temple, i was overcome with emotion. the weight and the reality and the beauty of what was about to happen just hit me. after getting our recommends checked and our records verified,  they escorted us to the brides' room and roody went downstairs to change. my mom and i shared a sweet moment. she was remembering the day over 35 years ago that she changed in that very room before marrying my dad. 

after we were both dressed in our ceremonial clothing, there was a bit of instruction about a special moment when roody and i would be together at the veil of the temple. we were escorted into the celestial room of the temple. after completing our ordinance at the veil, we were taken into the sealing room where we met our sealer, bother darrell ober.  he gave us a picture of the manti temple and some instructions about what we would do during the sealing. in every sealing i've attended, the guests are admitted first, then the bride and groom. in manti, the bride and groom are in the room when the guests enter. i was expecting to go into another roon, but instead, they brought the guests to us! there were about 50 people there, including some of my dad's aunts and uncles. the sealer spoke for a long time while roody and i held hands, anxiously awaiting the moment we would kneel at the altar. brother ober talked about what it meant to preside over the family. he told about how when he crosses the street with his wife, they both wave their security flags and look both ways and they hold hands. when the coast is clear and they both feel ready to cross, he squeezes her hand, they cross together and he squeezes her hand when they get to the other side. i loved that! i also loved when he said that husbands should listen to their wives wink wink.  he talked about how significant the ordinance we were to participate in was and what it really meant. 

after a while of talking, we were instructed to go to the altar where we made the most important covenant possible on earth. we held hands across the altar and i have never felt so happy in my life. i couldn't stop smiling. i felt so blessed to have found this amazing person and that he feels the same thing about me!! what an amazing miracle. 

after we both said yes, we exchanged rings, greeted our guests and then went to change again. it was the perfect day. 

after the sealing, we went to the bed and breakfast that my mom had reserved for us.  the old lady there gave us a tour of the whole place and i just wanted to tell her to leave us alone and let us eat our cold chicken in our room. lol but i didn't. she set us up a fancy table at which to eat our leftovers and she warmed them in the oven. there was a window right next to the table with lace curtains. mounted on the window frame was a tiny candle in a brass candle holder. we both looked at it and made some comment about how if the candle were lit, the whole place would burn down. then the old lady suggested we light the candle and we both looked at each other and laughed.  so she lit the candle and the house didn't burn down. she gave us a bottle of sparkling cider and two fancy cups. she also gave us a carafe of water to have in our room. the water had essential oils infused in it. it tasted weird.  

the next morning we had breakfast with all of the other b&b guests. and the old lady let slip that the bath tub in our room is her and her husband's favorite. thoroughly creeped out.  after check out,  we drove back to my parents' house and helped get everything decorated for the celebration. 

it looked absolutely amazing. and it was so absolutely fun. it was absolutely perfect. i loved having the ceremony and celebration on separate days. it was so laid back. i was the first person ready on both days lol. the dancing at the end of the celebration was amazingly fun. it was seriously everything i ever wanted it to be and more. and i got to marry a man is way beyond what i ever expected. he motivates me to be my best self, yet he accepts me for exactly who i am. he loves me unconditionally and has proven it again and again. 

yesterday morning i was sad about something and told roody about it. then i asked him what he was feeling. he asked how should he be feeling and i gave him a few examples of what i thought he could be feeling. his answer was none of the ones i thought he would give. then he sung  a line to one of our favorite songs, "cuz i'm happyyyyy." 
"why do you feel happy right now?" i was surprised.
"because i have you."
he hugged me tight and i just started crying. perfect answer. 

i love you, roody!!