Sunday, March 23, 2014

the wrong road

"...It was dusk, and we had only gone a bumpy mile or two when we came to a fork in the road. We stopped. Dad was not certain which trail we had come in on. He knew he had to make the right decision. There wasn’t much light left, light he desperately needed to ensure he could make the correct turns the rest of the way home...As we did whenever we had a family problem or concern, we prayed. After we both said amen, Dad turned and asked me what I thought we should do. I answered and said, “All during the prayer, I just kept feeling, ‘Go to the left.’”Dad responded, “I had the exact same impression.”This was my first experience receiving and recognizing revelation.We started down the dirt road to the left. We had traveled only about 10 minutes when our road came to a sudden dead-end. My father promptly whipped the truck around, roared back to that fork in the path, and started down the road to the right. Fortunately, there was still just enough light to help us navigate the web of dirt roads that would take us home.We were almost back to St. George, now on roads my father knew well, and the thick darkness of the night was lit by pinholes of thousands of stars.I was troubled. With my head resting on my dad’s leg and my legs stretched across the seat, I asked, “Dad, why did we both feel like Heavenly Father told us to go down the road to the left when it was the wrong road?”My dad said, “Matty, I’ve been thinking and silently praying about that same thing all the way home, because I really did feel a very distinct impression to take the road to the left.”I was relieved that my first experience with revelation had a “second witness.”He continued, “The Lord has taught us an important lesson today. Because we were prompted to take the road to the left, we quickly discovered which one was the right one. When we turned around and got on the right road, I was able to travel along its many unfamiliar twists and turnoffs perfectly confident I was headed in the right direction.“If we had started on the right road, we might have driven for 30 minutes or so, become uneasy with the unfamiliar surroundings, and been tempted to turn back. If we had done that, we would have discovered the dead-end so late that it would have been too dark to find our way back in totally unfamiliar territory...” -matthew holland

by now i am sure that everyone has heard this story, or seen the mormon message for it. for anyone who knows anything about what has been going on in my life the last few months, you might understand why this story has been particularly poignant for me. the first time i heard it was in 2010 in a sunday school class and i thought back then that it was touching and inspiring. 
my patriarchal blessing says something to the extent of "you will be successful in every element of this life that you were placed here to do." in essence, it means that any time i am not successful, i'm going down the wrong road! so when one relationship ended, it wasn't the right road! when i didn't get the job at roseman with my parents that i was 100% SUUUURE i was going to get, it wasn't the right road! 
when i met roody and everything went perfectly (successfully) it meant it was the right road. in the last week i have applied at three dental practices to work as an assistant and every one of them has given me a positive response, and i take that to mean that this is the right road for me now :) 
[i am very excited about my three practices. one is in park city. it's a tiny FFS office with three operatories and they are only open about three days a week. the second one is the total opposite. it's a huge company with 4 locations and enough staff to populate a small city. it's a super stable job with benefits and great hours. the third one is somewhere in between. a smallish office with one doctor open four days a week. I have a working interview with the big one tomorrow and the medium one the day after tomorrow.]
i also start serving at toscano tomorrow (i have been working there as a hostess for the last two months). as soon as i got rejected from roseman, i started looking elsewhere and all of the sudden i have almost more than i can handle! it's great. it's gonna be quite a transition, but i am sure i can handle it. :) 
so to sum up: my life is perfect right now. and i eat meat again! which is really weird. but tasty... (don't tell anyone i said that.) 

today i counted: the number of uuuuuuhmms that were said during a sacrament talk. (29)
today i got my heart melted hearing: spencer say "bye gramma! i love you!"
today i wished: that i could make everyone's choices for them. 
today i got teared up: thinking about where i was two years ago and how much i miss it. and it just happened again. 

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  1. Thought-provoking story. I'm thinking of then and where it doesn't apply. It would be a fun conversation piece. I'm glad about your prospects with work. And I'm super happy for you and Roody!