Wednesday, May 16, 2012


well its really weird to think about it, but my first transfer in rome is over. that means i have one transfer left on my mission. guess who got transfered? not me! but guess what is happening! I'M TRAINING AGAIIIIIIIIIN. i wasn't expecting that. this is my LAST transfer!! but president wants me to train. i am happy to train, it just caught me off guard. i always heard about people death training, and i kinda thought it might happen to me, but i wasnt actually thinking that it would. well.... it did. sister miles is staying in rome with us too so we are going to be in three but just for 2.5 weeks, then she is going to BARI!!!!!!! there is a sister in our mission who my second baby sister sobeck trained, who is actually called to the kiev ukraine mission, but who had to wait in our mission before going to the MTC. so she has 2.5 weeks left in bari, then sister miles is taking her spot. i am excited to train. the sisters coming in this time are 1 french, 1 italian and 1 american who only did three weeks in the MTC like me. there are three kind of interesting a little out of the ordinary sisters. not that there is anything wrong with the regular 9 week mtc process.  anyway, in about an hour we are going to go pick her up from the mission home. im excited to see who she is! 
this week has been spent a lot in organizing our NEW HOUSE!!! friday night we got a call saying that our house was ready (we have been living in the elder's house, and they have been living at the house of another companionship for the last month cuz our house wasnt ready) and that we needed to pack up and be ready to move tomorrow. so we did! we were only up til 11:30. not too bad.  then i woke up at six took a shower and kept going. the kruegers the AWESOME senior couple came to take all our stuff for us and after we finished our appointments for the day, we got to go home to our new house. there was NOTHING there. no towels, no blankets, no silverware, pots, pans sheets. so tuesday, we went on a huge (mission approved) shopping spree to ikea. we spent over 300 euro but the best part was that ikea is literally right across from the temple and we got to see the temple. it is amazing!!!!! they have made so much progress!!! and the assistents to the president are teaching a guy who works on the temple who is getting baptized in a few weeks. sooo cool
last week we had the biggest miracle of all time happen. when i was in bari, the first counselor in the bishopric, his name is caricola, his wife told me that they had a very inactive daughter who lived in rome and that i should go and see her. who knows! she said. so she gave me all her info, address phone numbers, etc. we tried to go and find her once upon a time, but realized that she lived in fiumicino, and we decided that it was too far to justify going to see someone who probably would just say "get out of my house" in the first place, so we kinda dropped her. however, during general conference, we decided to watch the priesthood session and there was a talk by richard edgely called the rescue for real growth. as soon as this talk started the name CARMEN CARICOLA flashed in my mind. its the first thing i wrote down on my notes. the talk was about how its hard for less actives to come back! its not that simple said the girl in his talk. i thought of her and how she must be feeling. i then decided i just needed to call her and be brave, but i was afraid of what she would say. i just imagined her saying "why are you calling me?? dont you know i want nothing to do with that church??" i didnt know how long she had been inactive, or if she even knew who the missionaries were, but i just decided to do it. so i called her. i introduced myself as a friend of her parents in bari. she said that her parents had talked about me and that we could some and see her. wow. mini miracle number 1. the day of the appt which was last friday we got on our train and started heading out to fiumicino. it was raining, but she came to get us from the train station. she was nice, cordial.we walked to her house and she showed us where she worked told us a little about her life. we sat down and played with the cat and chatted. it came out right away that she had served a mission, but that her grandparents passed away when she got home and that had made her lose some faith. anyway we ended up staying at her house for over an hour. we shared with her the scriptures in mosiah 24 that say "nevertheless, the lord seeth fit to try his people" and then talked about how he made their burdens light. everyone was crying. we asked her what her future with the church was. she said she wanted to come back but it wasnt that easy. and i just thought, wow. i knew that was her problem even before i met her. i knew that she was going to say that. she knows it is true, but she has suffered from a case of being converted to the church and not the gospel anyway it was amazing. i really felt like i was doing something right. she lives with her bf who is not a member and they both agreed to come to church, but it is not that easy right? cuz they didnt come last week. but it was a really amazing thing. i know that we need to work with her. that was no mistake that her name came flashing in my mind, that i already knew her parents so we totally connected and that that talk was TOTALLY about her. i am excited to see what happens. 
basically everything is going great. im training again! it seems weird. but i am excited. im gonna go pick her up right now! our african investigator boris is going great. more about him next week. 
the new address is missing the zip code. if you search it on google i am sure that you can find it. search montespaccato roma codice postale
via villata 28 
instert zi code here!! roma italia
but i live close to the mission office, so if you want to keep sending stuff to piazza carnaro 20 00141 roma, its the same. 
all my love sorella ashman

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