Wednesday, May 16, 2012

tasty food week!

ok everyone well it was a great week! i only have four weeks left you
guys. it makes me sick. its so weird and i am not ready!!! i am
excited to meet my nephews and to get back in shape and stuff but man
it seems weird. anyway last week we had an amazing experience to spend
the whole day with the young women of this ward (all three of them!)
and we got a lot more appointments covered when we were in bigger
our work is really going well. i can't believe we had 0 investigators
7 weeks ago and now we are working with so many people that we can't
even keep up with the work. last saturday we saw paola the brazilian
and fausto her bf. it was a really fun lesson and we invited fausto to
be baptized. the thing is, they have to get married before he gets
baptized. well the president has challenged us to have 20 baptisms as
a mission in the month of may. we dont have anyone that is ready right
now... maybe MAYBE gregorio. but i believe in miracles. fausto and
paola are really making great progress. fausto said that he will be
baptized if he feels like it is what God wants him to do. we said "you
should ask Him if He wants you to." :) we have a really great
friendship with them. i bought a few necklaces from paola who has no
job, but is a very skilled jewellery maker. one for you mom :)
on sunday i woke up at 4:30 so that i could take a shower so that we
could be in the church by 6 because there were 2 baptisms!! the
anziani had been teaching catalin and sabina who are brother and
sister 9 and 11 years old and they got baptized!! they both shared
their testimonies too. it was soo cute. the three of us sisters
performed, i sang slla spicq played the piano and slla miles played
the flute and we did the song when Jesus Christ was baptized down in
the river jordan.... it went well. three of our four progressing
investigators were there: pablo the peruvian, fausto the italian, and
elena the romanian. they LOVED it! especially elena. she could get
baptized in may... man that would be the BOMB! after the baptism there
was a ton of food and then we went home and died.
monday there was a transportation strike and so we couldnt go anywhere
so we stayed home in the morning and called people and updated the
member book and then in the afternoon we had an appointment at sister
alabastro's house. on the way there, i say these two younger african
men that were wearing white shirts and ties and slacks but they werent
JWs and i was wondering who they were so i asked them! they work for
vodaphone. then they asked us who we are and we told them that we have
a message about Jesus Christ. one of them, the younger taller one,
seemed interested and asked if we would like to share our message with
him. i said of course! so we set up an appointment for the next day.
cool huh! anyway, slla alabastro is filipino! we ate lumpia and tasty
rice noodles. it felt like christmas for me :) she told us that the
woman that she works for wants us to know more about the church!!!
holla!! soo cool. it was like the first thing she told us. slla
alabastro is super cool. she converted with her family when she was 11
and at that time (probably about 20-25 years ago) the church still
wasnt huge in the filipines like it is now. her husband was always her
best friend, but he didnt what anything to do with the church. he
moved to italy, and they stayed friends, then it developed more and
they ended up getting married. they have a daughter, but her husband
wasnt a member until about 5 years ago! she introduced her husband to
the church. :) so cool! (sister spicq always says that: sooo cool!)
it was a great lesson and we would go meet her friend next week :)
yesterday wasfun because it was a holiday and there were no buses, but
we had tons of appointments.... so we literally walked around rome
from 10 am to 10 pm. the morning we say the two african boys, etienne
and aleou (they both speak french and etienne is french for STEPHEN!
haha its a gorgeous name.) anyway they were late, but it went well
anyways. :) etienne is super cool. super believing. aleou is open but
he is muslim by birth. we gave them both books of mormon and tried to
set another appt but they never know their schedule until like the day
of so we have to call them. anyway super cool guys. then we had a
lunch appointment with hermana rosita from ecuador. she made the
yummiest beans and rice!! she is sooooo sweet. she has been having a
lot of problems because her son commited suicide about two years ago
and she fell away from the church and has just started to come back.
she is very fragile right now. poor thing. she is so sweet. she works
as a nanny and she brought the girl that she watches, alessia, to
church and we gave her a book of mormon. how cute! then we tried to
wait for a bus but there were none! so we just kept walking and we met
the CUTEST lady named JASMINE who is a super catholic from madagascar
who said that "italy is not like madagascar because madagascar is
actually a catholic country." and i just furrowed my brow and thought
"did i just hear her really say that?" you want a country more
catholic than italy!!! we got the stinkin pope for pete's sake!!!
anyway she as a GEM. soooo funny. and she has this really high tinkly
laugh and she lives right near the vatican and on her day off, she
goes to help the nuns! hahaha! so we got her number and she as super
excited to meet us. we actutally ended up walking with her for like
half an hour. she was great. i am excited to have a lesson with her.
then we stopped in a chinese store and bought new watches becuase all
of our watches just happened to break at the same time. weird i know.
and we kept asking each other what time it was, and no one knew, we we
had to check the cell phone haha. i got THE coolest watch. its
actually a necklace. you will all see it some day. then we had an
appointment with STEVEN. he is THE sweetest little 15 year old cutest
little thing. he was baptized about 4 years ago and then we went
inactive. all of the sudden he showed up in church, and now he hangs
out with us all the time! he goes to institute and seminary and he
came to our lesson last night with boris. well actually yesterday was
kind of funny because it was a holiday so we didnt think that anyone
was going to come to english course, but we needed to stop by the
church to put up a sign saying that we werent going to do english
course and we had scheduled the appointment with boris instead of
english course, so when we got there and there was a student we didnt
know what to do!! hahaha..... so just look at how merciful our
Heavenly Father is. there was one student and a member there who was
waiting to have a temple recommend interview. so we ended up teaching
the course (or rather i taught an english lesson to our student from
afganistan named achmed and later gianluca came) for about 20 minutes.
the other sisters went to the appointment with boris, and i stayed
with the sister that was there for her interview and the stake
president never showed up! so i took the bus (which just happened to
pass at the exact moment!! ) with her and she walked me to the
appointment. boris made us dinner and we watched the restoration! it
was a good lesson, pretty long, but it was good. boris asked some good
questions. like "if your church is the right church, does that mean
that no one else is going to heaven?" and so i explained that everyone
will have an equal chance. but anyway it was a good lesson. after the
movie we asked what he thought and he said he wanted to go home and
pray so that God would appear to him too! hahah
well family everything is going great here. when people ask me how
much time i have been on my mission i just smile and laugh.... i hope
that you are all doing well and that you are excited for mothers day!!
all my love
sorella ashman

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