Tuesday, May 1, 2012

no name

the last three weeks have been very interesting. starting from nothing, and still having more or less nothing, coming from the city with the most work in the mission, its been weird. the weirdest thing is how much the Lord has helped me. the things that once would have gotten me down or annoyed me dont bother me at all.... i feel way happier. i promised myself that in this city i was going to talk to everyone regardless of what my companion did. i think that has been one of the hardest things for me on my mission, having companions who dont talk to anyone, it gets really tiring to have to stop everyone by yourself, but i promised myself that i would not allow tiredness to be an excuse. and i've kept pretty true to my promise and its nice and slla miles talks to a lot of people! and i just feel happy. we go around rome not knowing anything or anyone and somehow at the end of the day i feel satisfied. i feel happy. this hasnt happened before in my mission. i go from one rejection to the next and it doesnt even phase me. maybe its just because im old in the mission and i am used to it. or maybe its that Someone is helping me. as i do more and more for Him, He does more and more for me. why would anyone ever not want to go on a mission???? how in the world did i think that i didnt want to do this? but one of the other sisters asked me if there has ever been a moment in my mission when i felt like i would have been better off if i had stayed home. i just thought "do people think that??" no. i have never thought that i would have been better off if i hadnt come. ther are a lot of times i think that i would be better off if i never went back! ha but then i think that that means not being with my family. anyway things in rome are going great
last week we had an awesome lesson with elena. she is from romania and she is living in the house of the second counselor of the relief society presidency, who really quickly let me say is AWESOME. she has a daughter and two grandkids and she works as a cleaning lady, and yet there are three people living in her house that are not her family. and she invites them all to come to church, and this one is coming. elena. she is awesome. so we are working with her. rodica, who is the 2nd counselor, got elena to quit smoking last week. :) haha rodica is the best missionary. elena is nervous about getting baptized because she is planning on moving back to romania, and there is no church in her city. we shall see.....
probably about a week ago, i had a dream about the cunningham family who is an inactive family with an american dad and an italian mom. so friday we went to find them, and they werent home, but we met the doorman of their complex who was very nice and maybe interested... who knows!
saturday was amazing. there is a woman in this ward who has a disabled daughter, and is two times a widow. well i was thinking that this sister, sister rose, was like 60 65 ish. she is EIGHTY. and her daughter i thought was probably 25 or so. FOURTY. wierd. anyway she was telling us all about her life and her amazing conversion story. she said the church is so different in italy than it is in england (where she was living when she was converted). its just that its is so hard to get people to listen here. im not making excuses, but it really is. its ridiculous. the church should be a lot bigger and stronger, but its not. and it makes it hard for the members. they depend soooo much on the missionaries. i dont even remember any missionaries that have ever come to our house except one from belgium when i was like 12 but i just thought it was cool that he was foreign. here, we are on the home teaching list!! even us!! the sisters!!! i have sooooo much respect for italian mormons. it really is a big deal for them. anyway sister rose's house is in this GORGEOUS teeny town and it was just like a fairytale.
we have been doing a ton of advertisment for our english course and last night a lot of people came!! i think they liked it, but we have been praying that the people will come and that we will find someone from it. this man yesterday came named luigi and he was asking us a million questions cuz he was there like 30 minutes early. i dont know what is going to happen but i think he might be it!!
anyway sorry this is a super boring letter, not too much has happened, except that i really wanted to say that when i get home i am dedicating myself to my health because i have seen more old people in my mission than i have in my life and they are all complaining about having diabetes and they are miserable and they are losing their toes one by one and i just refuse to let that happen to me. i refuse to have diabetes.
anyway hope everyone is well, especially vanessa and tom. i wish i knew what his name really was.... i love you all and am excited to see you someday in the future.
all my love
sorella ashman

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