Tuesday, May 1, 2012

its the most wonderful time of the year

just saying that easter is my favorite holiday. the resurection of Jesus Christ is so amazing. a Man died, and He lived again!! death is not the end!!! talking about this with people this week has done some big miracles too :) it has been an incredible week. our work has just exploded all of the sudden and we have seen so many miracles. last wednesday we taught an awesome lesson with pablo who is from PERU BILL!!!!! he showed us this tourist video from peru and it looks soooo awesome! i would love to go... but the next trip on the list is pakistan and india :) with sister gulzar, the pakistani sister that i met in the mtc. anyway the lesson with pablo went really well. i am learning a little espanol too :) he is our first real investigator in rome!! 
thursday we went to find this less active named sister diana. finding her house was seriously a maze.... as we walked up and down the same street we noticed these two guys, a younger guy and an older guy, sitting on a bench in front of their house. they were kind of laughing at us. we thought about going to ask them directions, but decided not to, then we decided that we might as well. so we walked over and they were like "what are you guys doing???" they thought we were crazy. so we explained who we were and starting sharing our message with them.  the old guy stood up and walked away, but the younger guy, gregorio, listened. i asked him what he was doing on sunday evening, and then invited him to come to general conference. he said he would like to. we exchanged phone numbers, and then we said a prayer with him. wow. (more on this later!)
friday we ran around looking for another less active that we never found, but during our adventures, i talked to a lady on the subway from romania. i was sitting next to her and i wanted to talk to her but she was looking away from me pointedly. the no 1 sign that somone thinks they arent interested. so i did what any self respecting woman would do and i complemented her shoes :) that got her going! hahaha she said she had had them for 3 years and i was like no way!! you cant tell at all!! haha anyway she asked me why i was here and i told her my testimony about the restoration. then she said that her husband had passed away not too long ago. she totally opened up! i told her that she must have lots of questions like where is he? will i see him again? is he happy? and i gave her a passalong card and she devoured it. (it has all those questions on it ;) ) and then we exchanged phone numbers and i got off. i called her yesterday and we have the appointment for tomorrow :) :) :) :)!!! she is so awesome. luisa. 
saturday was the first day of general conference, but that morning we went to find a less active sister that has been recommended to us by the bishop. i called the bishop and he told me that she has 3 children, two daughters and a son. the two daughters both have illegitamate children, and one of their boysfriends is a drug dealer. basically its a pretty bad situation, but anyway, we can deal with anything. 
romans 8  38 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,
 39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able toaseparate us from the blove of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
yeah. one of my favorite scriptures. so we watched the last talk of the young woman's broadcast and i thought about you guys that were there and i tried to see you on the screen but i couldnt. 
sunday i was thinking about gregorio all day. i had called him saturday to make sure he was coming and he said he was!! sunday i called him at 5:20 (the session was at 6) and he was at the bus stop!! at 5:45 i called and he said that nothing was coming so he might just give up. i was like  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i grabbed slla miles and we went into a class room and prayed that the bus would come. at 6:30 he still wasnt there. i called him and he said that he wasnt coming. i was devastated!!! why wouldnt he come?!?! and so i just was a little sad... cried a little and then i thought, how am i still so easily upset by people not coming to church? it never gets easier! that is the truth for whoever is going on a mission. when people dont keep commitments, its devastating! because you love them so much and you do EVERYTHING and somehow..... anyway so i talked to ex elder scothchi for a little and i just asked him "why doesnt it ever get easier?" and he was like "i really dont know the answer to that one." he is in my ward now, but he used to be on the mission with me and i thought he was so cool and always had the best words of wisdom. there so no answer to this one though. after conference (which was AMAZING btw) i called gregorio and fixed an appointment for monday :) success is going from failure to failure with no lack of enthusiasm. -winston churchill
monday was crazy. the morning we went on a few errands after we made over an hours worth of phone calls.... (we have a ton of contacts!!) then the afternoon we saw the less active sister diana that we were looking for when we met gregy. we found her!!! it was amazing. she has been inactive for a loooong time. we got some work to do with her.... then we saw gregorio. he. is. amazing. i am so surprised that this kid who was laughing at us has turned out to be GOLDEN. he kept talking about how much he wants to come to church on sunday to figure this all out. his friend mario walked up and we started telling him what we were all about and gregorio basically said "cool huh?" and so we invited them both to come to church. WOAH. then the ward mission leader and his girlfriend had invited us for FHE and they invited the elders too and this guy that they had met on the street the day before. new investigator. from jamaica!! then we ate sooo much food. :) sister salza is an amazing cook. 
yesterday was looong. we left at 9:30 to go and see this muslim contact named mimmo who has a jewelery stand. he gave us some jewelery as a gift. (middle easterners love gifts!) and he asked us so many questions about why we were here. we gave him a Book of Mormon in arabic. he was a little sceptical but you never know! im wearing the necklace he gave me today :) he is the NICEST PERSON ever. (i also got a couple other pendants for whoever wants them) then we went to slla shakir's house (the ex muslim) and had lunch and then helped her put up her mosquito nets for summer. on the bus ride over, i started talking to this man from bangladesh about the church. then he said that americans were pretty because they "have long figures" (="they are tall") then he said i had a nice figure and i thought that he might need to get his glasses checked and i stopped talking to him. then this other guy got on and said hi but i wasnt going to talk to him except he started asking me a bunch of questions and the bangladesh guy kept telling him all about me and they both kept staring at me and when some guy got on with a dog i tried to use that as a distraction but they both were like oh you like dogs??? i just reeeeaaaallllyyy wanted off that bus. hahahahahaha. yeah. its because im blond. anyway then after we took care of things at slla shakirs house, we went to a lesson with a man named vincenzo. he reminded me soooooo much of the love of my life daniele!!!! slla miles didnt like him, but thats cuz she doesnt know daniele. then we went to english course and there were a bunch of new students! two cool brothers named carlo and mario and then there is this indian lady named selena who brought her daughter. she is adorable. we played bingo :) 
so basically it has been a great!!! week. we have so much work now!! it really didnt take that long either.... we have so many people im starting to feel like we are going to get to being like bari, where we had so much work we had to start giving investigators to the elders. its amazing what happens when you open your mouth. the two secrets of missionary work: talking to everyone, and calling them. it seems so simple, but so many missionaries dont do it because they are afraid to talk both in person and on the phone. open your mouth. thats my testimony. 
all my love, 
sorella ashman

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  1. Let's go to Peru. My sis-in-law is serving there, we can pick her up ;) Move it to the top of your list.