Wednesday, May 16, 2012

a FROG!!!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD!!!! i am so grateful that you two found
each other at miller apartments and that you got married in the
beautiful castle temple of manti.

alright well the biggest news of the week is my greenie, sorella spicq
(pronounced speek with a little french throat roll at the end) IS A
FROG!!!! yes my companion is french. she is awesome!! she i learning
so quickly and already teaching me a ton. she is a ballerina! 
anyway i have very little time this week because president gave us a
specail assignment to write an essay (AAAHHH!! i wasnt supposed to
ever do that again!!) and i have to get that done. it was an amazing
assignment that has really changed the entire spirit of the whole
mission. we were supposed to spend 3 or 4 months studying charity, so
that we would become experts of charity. and now we have to write our
just want to highlight the best part of this week, which was
yesterday. a few weeks ago, our young woman's president said that she
wanted to do an activity for the young women in which they would have
a day in the life of a missionary, and it all came together and
yesterday we did it! it was a holiday in italy and three girls came to
the church at 7 am and then spent the rest of the day with us running
around like crazy people all over rome. it was insane! but it was one
of the most beautiful experiences of my life. we split into 2 groups
and covered about 5 different lessons. the girls were so gung ho.
right from the start, they would come with me to talk to people and we
even got a phone number! it was so fun teaching with them, and we got
to go visit several people who didnt want to see us, but because it
was a a young woman's activity, they let us come! it was amazing. all
three of the girls want to serve missions. we finished it all together
at the bishops house and then the girls went home and we stayed and
hung out with the bishop and talked about our conversion stories. it
was a GREAT day.
ok everyone i am so sorry but that is all for this week. sorry!!
all my love
sorella ashman

I forgot to add these pictures to the previous blog so here they are

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