Thursday, April 12, 2012

Take two

sooooo being in rome makes me think of the lizzie mc guire movie all the time..... i just wish that sister miles would drive me around on a vespa like lizzie and paolo. sister miles has never even seen that movie!!! anyway i explained it all to her. she really is an awesome companion... so it was a great week. lots of fun miracles... seems like so much time has passed. but i have only been here for 13 days. already 13 days!!!! :(
alright so last wednesday night, we went passed the house of a man whose relatives just got baptized in germany. they wanted us to go and find him. well turns out the address and phone number we had were wrong, but we decided to go see the less actives that lived in the area. as we set off, i asked sis miles to say a prayer to decide which one we needed to go see. as she prayed the name quiroz quiroz quiroz went through my head. i knew we needed to see her. well we sarted to make our way over, when i saw a young man working in a bar and i felt like we should talk to him, so we went in and talked to him and gave him a pamphlet. then we were making our way over to slla quiroz's but then we realized that it was 8:30 we are supposed to be home at 9 and everything in rome takes FOREVER. anyway.... we went home, but decided to go back first thing the next morning. so we went back, looked around and did not find her name anywhere. but i knew we needed to be there for something. so i rang someone's name and she wasnt interested, but she let us inside the palazzo, so we went up to the top floor, we rang the bell, and there was no one home. right in that moment, the elevator came up and a mom and son got out with a bunch of grocery bags. we told them that we were sharing a message of Jesus Christ and that we would love to share it with them. the mom was like no no i already attend a prayer group and we just got home, but the son (who is about 32) was like come on mom, just 5 minutes, they seem like nice people. the mom was like 5 minutes? and i was like yes absolutely so she let us in. we sat down and started telling her about the restoration but mostly about our ability to have a personal relationship with our Heavenly Father. they were both very intrigued, they even offered us a piece of cake. :) then they offered us a teeny little mandarin from their nice rooftop garden, then we said a prayer togther. it was such a strong spirit!! when i looked at the mom, she had tears in her eyes!! it was literally less than 20 minutes. that is a miracle in italy. i told the mom that we would love to come back and see her (since the son was just visiting from bologna) she said it would be hard, but she gave us her number anyway. i called her last night, and guess what? she totally opened up to me. she told me that she has been in and out of the hospital, and that not too long ago her husband of 25 years just decided to leave. and now she is alone. i told her that she should never have to do all this alone and that we are here to help her. she said we could see her next week :) 

on monday, we we in the middle of district meeting with the other missionaries when a member came in and said that there was a woman upstairs who wanted to talk to the suore (the nuns) and she insisted and wouldnt leave until she saw the suore. so i promptly went upstairs with another sorella. there we met a young african woman named mary. she was scarily skinny and frail. she told us about being abused and mistreated by some priests and she said how can people who pretend to represent Jesus do something like this? anyway we asked her if she could come back tomorrow when we had more time. she said yes, we have her a Book of Mormon and we said a prayer with her. the next day she was late and we had to teach english course, but it actually was a good thing because there was and african member who came to english course and stayed after for the lesson with mary. mary has some intense problems.... she is not totally right upstairs, but she is sooo smart. the african member, christine thought that mary should have a blessing so luckily there was a member of the bishopric downstairs. he came up and gave her a beautiful blessing. he told her that the Lord has never abandoned her and that if she will let herself be helped she will be free from ALL of her sufferings. as soon as he finished the blessing mary said "im hungry!" GOOD! so we took her to get some pizza. she is sooo skinny and weak...anyway the blessing was beautiful. as we ate pizza slla miles asked her what her favorite music is: classical. her favorite book: se questo e un uomo by primo levi i read that in italian 340- its about world war 2 and the diary of anne frank. she is so amazing.there is sooo much work to do, so many layers to peel back, but i klnow that with time mary will become our shining diamond. she is really a wonderful person. i am excited to see her progress. such a cool story. 

anyway thats basically it for this week. today we played tennis and had lunch with all the sister missionaries in rome. it was sooo fun. after lunch we all got to say what we love about the mission. i said i love EVERYTHING about the mission and i never want to leave. things are going great. steady but surely. things are going great :) 
all my love 
sorella ashman