Monday, March 19, 2012

its a good life so why ya'll trippin-be sure to check out the pics

ROME IS CRAZY. i LOVE rome. i felt like bari was home and so much more like las vegas. rome is so trafficky and chaotic its awesome!! i really firmly stick to my love for big cities. there is so much more diversity, opportunity, openness, possibilty. i love big cities. ok a little rundown of what has happened so far. 
last wednesday we ran around like chickens with our heads cut off saying many goodbyes to my beloved barese people. it was intense. thursday morning i packed a bunch more and then at 11 daniele came to take us to the station. we loaded our HUGE bags in the car and then up and down a million flights of stairs in the train station. i thought daniele was going to have a heart attack cuz he insisted on being a strong man but he is 65 years old and he smoked for like 35 years. we are young and healthy and hauling the bags isnt that big of a deal. anyway. we got there and then we had to wait for the other missionaries to come from rome. my little baby sister sobeck was waiting for her GREENIE. yes she is training. the good part is, her greenie is italian, so the language for her is no problem. then we said good bye to all the bari missionaries and went to our train. we went back over to wait for our train and daniele said he was going to leave before the train arrived or else he was going to cry. so i had to say bye to him and i cried of course. when our train got there, angelo, who had come to send me off, helped us get our bags on the train and all of the sudden.... the train started pulling away WITH ANGELO STILL ONBOARD!!!! hahaha!!! he got off at the next stop and then went back to bari. it was only about 15 minutes. hahahaha sister fidler and i traveled first class because there was a promotion for woman's day-two for one! so we rode first class from bari to rome. when i got to rome, we found out that we didnt have a working cell phone and that our apartment wasnt ready for us. so we stayed the first night in ladispoli, a little town just outside rome, with the sorelle there. then the nest day, we went to the apartment where the anziani live and we cleaned the whole day so that it was livable for us to stay there while we waited for our real apartment. they said it should be ready within a week, so we are hoping that any day we can move in to our REAL apartment, which is supposedly really nice and on the top floor! and closer to the church. 
rome is alllllll about public transport. its soooo easy to get around and super fun going on trains and metros and buses all over the place. rome is ENORMOUS. we take a train for 20 minutes and we are still in rome. it takes like over an hour in the train to cross the whole city. that did not happen in bari. just sayin. 
anyway saturday we did an orientation with the anziani so they could show us around and tell us how to get to the church etc etc. then sunday we went to church!!!! it was sooo fun and there were several non members there. first we met a boy named lane who is bill's CLONE. he was even wearing the same shoes. except his teeth had a tiny gap. but he was wearing flat front tan pants with a striped sweater and he stood with his hands in his pockets, was very well mannered and had curry sandy brown hair. he was missing glasses..... but yeah anyway he is a military brat and his rents live in germany. his gf is a member also in germany (but she is a member) and he is in rome going to school. it was his first time in church and he is probably going to get baptized really soon. there was also pablo, who is the boyfriend of a member and they have a son. he has been an investigator for 2 years, and we think his time has come!! we were supposed to have a meeting tonight, but we dont have a phone to call and confirm and she didnt call the anziani, so we'll have to see him sunday. there was also a guy named fausto who is the boyfriend of a member from BRAZIL! dad she wants you to email her, but i forgot to bring her email address with me... im bad. anyway we got his number and as soon as we have a PHONE we will be seeing them.... anyway the ward is AWESOME. its soooo multicultural. there are people from romania, LOTS of south americans, a japanese family, an egyptian sister, an ex jew from england, three american families and my favorite person ever, ex anziano scotchi!! and his fam who are from moldovia. we served together in sicily. its crazy that i am in his ward now haha anyway there were a TON of visitors in the ward this week from america. so we taught sunday school in english. i was sooo impressed with all the kids, the visitors and the normal members alike. it was a really great lesson thanks to them. after church we had a huge potluck. it is a 2nd sunday tradition of this ward and i was ok with it. :) then we went with a young single adult sister and ez anziano scotchi to the hospital to visit a sister who has cancer. she was soooo sweet. and it was so fun to do missionary work with anz scotchi again. 
monday we had our first lesson with a family of members, the goumba family from the central african republic, but they have been in italy for over 30 years. christine and her sister odette have been members for over 25 years, and christine has two kids, marlena and stefano. this family is AWESOME. i was so impressed with christine in relief society. she gave the most amazing comments. man... and i was translating for this visiting sister from SEATTLE!!! she was very nice. the kids are the basically ideal. stefano is 18 and preparing for a mission, and marlena wants to go. we asked them to pray for someone that we could teach and that we would check back with them on sunday. it was a big adventure getting there. since niether of us know anything, we had the help of a very nice lady named monia and we did end up finding the house. then they even fed us! it was really good :) 
yesterday we went on a bunch of wild goose chases. our strategy so far for finding is that we want to get some less actives reactive and then have them invite their friends, this way we get to reactivate AND baptize. so we chose some less actives that we wanted to go visit and we went looking for them. well we didn't find THEM but we talked to lots of people. we gave out lots of passalong cards, but got zero phone numbers. the afternoon we needed to go find the cousin of some recent converts in germany who referred this family. we spent about 2 hours finding the house just to find out that the address was wrong... we talked to tons of people and still hadnt gotten any phone numbers. anyway then we had to go teach english course and we were feeling a little.... yeah but we kept going and kept smiling. on our last bus that took us to the church this lady started asking a bunch of questions and then i asked her for her phone number and she gave it to me!!!! it was the best thing ever!!! when we got off the bus we danced a little. it was a huge success. 

anyway things are going great. today we ate at the hard rock cafe. it was so weird! i was supremely uncomfortable when a linkin park song came on, but other than that and the ridiculously high prices, it was very fun. 

i know that there are people ready in this city. alma 13: 24 says so, and i feel like we are going to see lots of success, we just need to find it. sister miles is an incredible companion, maybe my favorite. best for last! (dont put that on my blog!!) she looks exactly like cousin sara, like EXACTLY. she is awesome. 

if you want to send me anything not electronic, send it to the mission home for now. we dont have an apt and i dont know how long we will be in this one. 
sorella ashman 
italy rome mission
piazza carnaro 20
00141 roma italia

ok i thinks thats all for this week. i hope that pablo has a baptismal date but this time next week. dad if you want to email me something in portuguese for paola, that would be MOST appreciated. thank you!! 

vanessa what are you going to name the baby??!?!?!?

all my love

sorella ashman

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