Monday, March 12, 2012

The Eternal City

alright everyone the big news this week: TRANSFERS.

well i would say guess where i am going, but i will just tell you. i am in the rome mission and havent served in rome yet, so i am going to ROME. just saying it feels good. i am going to the eternal city, and i am going to finish my mission there, just like paolo. i am incredibly excited. i already wish i could stay there longer. i only have three months left. :( i hate this!!! why can't italy be closer... well the catch with my transfer is that i am going to be opening the city with my new companion sorella miles. opening means that there are no sisters in the city. there is no work there. like when you get transfered you go into the work that already exists. when you open you just.... go! it is a big honor to be opening. i have wanted to open for my entire mission so i am thrilled to have this chance. i am so looking forward to it. i will be serving in the rome 1 ward, which awesomely is the ward of one of my very favorite people in the world, ex-anziano scotchi who i served with in sicily for 4 transfers.
i got a letter from trisha telling me that i need to come to alaska and i have every intention of doing that asap. man the mission is the worst thing ever!! you fall in love with everything and then you have to leave it!! just like going to alaska was a horrible choice for the same reason. i also got a card from dad sent some strange address.... ah!! i can't except that this is for real you guys!! you know how i feel about the spring pond ct. house!!!! anyway, i had a dream that might be the answer to my prayers. i dreamt that i was living in the OK corral with lindsay and we were both going to UNLV and i was working at a restaurant on the strip and we were super happy because i realized how close the little house is to down town vegas. it might be the answer. will someone ax lindsay what her plans are?
anyway this week has been AWESOME!!! apart from the much desired though not much needed shopping that i did last week... things have just been amazing. i have been being smothered with love. when people find out that i am leaving... well its been a bit overwhelming the love that i have felt. its going to be really hard to leave this place. i have lived here for over 8 months....
last friday we had a fun adventure... we decided to try and be healthy and we went running in the morning. when we came back, i put the key in the door and tried to turn it. didnt work. all the other sorelle tried. nothing. then we realized that i had used the wrong of two almost identical keys. since we had taken the keys of the other sorelle i didnt realize that there was one right and one wrong. so there was nothing we could do. we called a couple peeps and found a member who was available at 2 pm. it was 7 am. we didnt really want to wait all that time, so when he called back and said that he would be able to come sooner, we decided to wait for him. but when could we do for two hours? so we went over to slla magno's house. we were starving and she gave us some cookies. ha. italian breakfast.... anyway we hung out there. i read her preach my gospel and the other sorelle slept on her couch. haha. anyway, fllo papagallo (10 bucks to whoever knows what that means!!) saved us and we thanked him by giving him a glass of pear juice. then we had a huge delicious lunch with anna, our investigator with a shoe shop. it was delicious. pasta al forno, fish and wine. jk i didnt drink any, though it was there!! then we went and stopped by the love of my life albanian mariana's house. ok this lady is HILARIOUS. we didnt have an appt so we just  dropped in. when we got there, she had just gotten out of the shower. she was like hold on hold on!!!! im naked!!! (she was wearing a robe.) so we sat down in the kitchen while she got dressed but she came out like a few minutes later and she was like "am i wearing underwear???" and she flashed open her robe and she was definitely wearing underwear. hahaha she is CRAZY. but i think all albanians have that really loud funny sense of humor. i love them. anyway, she is sooo funny, but she is also sooo smart and soooo attentive. she loves reading the book of mormon, but she especially loves when i read it to her. haha so we read some together, then we had an appointment in the church with this guy we had met the day before. his name was nicola. we set the appt up right on the street! i was so excited!! then he didnt show up or call. meh. then we went to get some din din with annalisa lorusso and angela cafagno, and then the four of us went to daniele's for a lesson.
saturday we saw luigi. he is doing good, but a little slower than when he first started. he hasnt understood the need to come to church....but the cool thing is that we gave him a few little hw assignments, and he did them all. we had to each make a list of positive attributes of our parents. he doesnt get along too well with them, so we encouraged him to think of the positive things. mom and dad, i will show you the list i made someday. but its in italian so you wont know what it says haha! it seemed to be a good exercise. he is reading the BOM and praying, but not coming to church or living the WOW. that afternoon we had a breaking point lesson with daniele. we asked him why he has to go to his wife's grave on sundays and if he dedicate another day to her and sunday to the Lord. it was a VERY intense lesson. the Spirit was super strong. we talked a lot about his potenital and how he is living below it when he doesnt follow the commandments. that he is worth more that what he is giving himself. he said that he was very confused and needed to pray. we also started a fast together. that evening we went to see slla avantario. she is soooo sweet. she is pretty old, in poor health but so wonderful. we watched finding faith in christ with her and cried. it was great.
sunday was pivitol for daniele. if he came to church it means that he had choosen the Lord over his wife. if he didnt.... yeah. so we were in sunday school and... in walks daniele. where the fuschia sweater that he knows i love. man it was intense. i gave my testimony in sac meeting and i cried. i took tons of pics with everyone. we wanted to ask daniele what had happened, but he had to leave after church got out. that evening after church we found out. the costanzo family called and said they were at the park so we decided to go and invited daniele too. he came. he was still fasting. after the costanzos left, we talked to  daniele about his experience with the fast. he said that he hardly slept because he was decided whether to go to see his wife's grave to go to church and in the end he felt like he needed to go to church. HALLELUJAH. he listened to the Spirit!!! it was incredible. he said we are disrupting his life, but because of us, he feels like he is living again. it was the sweetest meeting ever.
monday we had district meeting and then we went to lunch with angelo and marinella at a restaurant! it was sooo good and mom you and i have a date there!!! yum yum (the picture of the meatballs is not from this restaurant). that night we had FHE at the valentinis house (mom they want us to stay at their house and i would take them up on that offer) the coolest thing happened. we had planned to talk about profets and we had also mentioned that we would have liked to watch the testaments. guess what fllo valentini said when we got there? "we thought we should talk about profets and we wanted to watch a clip from the movie the testaments" uh. COOL! so anyway it was a good meeting. daniele is never himself around men though. its weird. men, maybe you have some insight? is this like a male territory thing? hmmm... whatever. it was a good lesson.
yesterday was a great day. we saw antonio, the 5 year old in the 59 year old body, and then we had lunch at slla magno's house, then we saw valentina the 12 year old new convert. she is AMAZING. she was bearing her testimony up one side and down the other to her friend. then we had english course, and i gave my closing remarks and cried!! was NOT expecting that. but they are just soo wonderful. i love the english course students. a few of them cried too!! haha. then we went to a restaurant that i have been wanting to go to for 8 months. thats the picture of the meatballs. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. but expensive, but daniele payed for everything. he is such a brat and spoils us so much. there were at least 10 different appetizers. it was soooooooo good. (mom we are also going there when you come).
today we had a huge awesome miracle!! we walked past this beautiful african woman and she smiled so big. i smiled back and kept walking. "are you seriously just going to walk past? she just recognized you for what you are. go back" said the Spirit. so i said "im going to look back. if she is still watching us, i know thats the sign that this is true." i turned around. she was staring at us as if begging us to tell her who we were. so i yelled at sorella sobeck. "hey hold up!" turned around and introduced myself. her name was julie. i gave her a pass along card, told her to call us whenever, and then her bus came and picked her up. two minutes later there she was. she said that she got off the bus to come and talk to us becuase she knew that God put us in the right place at the right time. so we walked with her for a few minutes and we just happened to be right by angelo's salon. we invited her to meet our dear friend. she said she would love to. we went in, taught a lesson. set an appointment for tomorrow and she said the closing prayer. she said she knew that God put us there for a reason. woah.
miracles happen.
all my love
sorella ashman

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