Wednesday, February 1, 2012

its raining...miracles and rain

alright well i have like no time left cuz i had to deal with some
stuff so im just going to touch the highlights....
daniele felline is the best person i have ever known in my life. he is
reading the BOM and he is planning to read it again. yesterday we had
a really long lesson in which he just opened it up. he talked all
about his wife who died of cancer about two years ago and i was crying
really hard. we talked about aunt janelle and the pictures that you
sent me right before she passed away and how it wasnt even the death
that was hard, but seeing them suffer. it was a POWERFUL lesson.
last saturday we had a show down with one of our investigators who
worships himself. his wife has been a member for like 30 years and he
has never been baptized. he has come to church 3 times in a row. i
told him that his happiness is incomplete. its wonderful that he is so
happy with himself, but he is putting his trust in the arm of flesh
which cannot last. we invited him to have more. i told him that if he
has even a tiny seed of desire to know, that's enough! we believe in
him, God believes in him.
sunday night we went to a mass in LATIN!!!! it was soooo cool. mom, i
would probably like to go again if you are interested in that kind of
stuff when you come. it would be a really awesome cultural experience.
yesterday angelo, a new convert, told me he loves me!! it was so cute.
he thinks the world is going to end when i get transfered. haha
yesterday was a very interesting day, starting with that HUGE lesson
with daniele, then that evening we did splits and i went with maria
pia and fllo curci to this association of retired archeologists. there
was this couple there who was super interested and last night and this
morning the husband texted us!!! NO ONE EVER CALLS US!! its so
wonderful. i feel really good about them!! but its soooo sad because i
am going to be transfered soon (in a month hahah)! ahhhh not talking
about it not talking about it.....

alright to end today i would like to bear my testimony. when i was 16
i was suffering a lot from low self esteem (no one know this story by
the way), since i was so fat and my best friend got all the guys that i
liked. anyway it was just a hard time for me. anyway i was pretty
depressed for a long time. and one day i finally said "what is wrong
with me?? why am i so sad??" so i serached on happiness and i
found this talk gratitude: a path to happiness
and it changed my life. i had never thought that i was so unhappy
because i was being ungrateful. mom and dad had told me repeatedly
that i was so ungrateful that i just expected things to be handed to
me, but i didnt believe them. then i realized it was true. i vowed
that i would start being more grateful. i have changed a lot from that
time, and i believe that i am much more grateful, but if i ever lack
in my gratitude, let me just say the two most important words in the
english language according to pres monson:
that goes to everyone, friends, family, leaders, teachers, prophets,
temple workers and especially Heavenly Father. i don't know why He
called me. i don't know why it had to happen now here in this way, but
i know that this was in His plan for me, especailly when it wasnt in
mine, and i am grateful. i think He was probably just watching and
laughing as i made my plans to travel the world. He had something
better in mind. this morning i read D&C 78:19 And he who receiveth all
things with thankfulness shall be made glorious; and the things of
this earth shall be added unto him, even an hundred fold, yea, more.

all the things of this earth shall be added unto him even an hundred
fold, yea, more. then i say THANK YOU!!! i love you all and i am
grateful for the impact you have had on my life.

all my love
sorella ashman

pictures: i got my hair did, and my comp got cute glasses and i made
an awesome floor plan. bye!!

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