Wednesday, January 25, 2012

just another week...

well the big news first: I AM STAYING IN BARI!!! its almost
unbelievable. my sixth transfer!! its very rare for that to happen.
three is average, four is pretty normal, five is kinda a lot, six
doesnt happen, etc etc. anyway there has only been one other sister in
the mission since president kelly got here that did six transfers in
one city. i have been on my mission for almost 15 months and i am
still in my 2nd city. hahaha and i am staying with slla sobeck. weird
to do three transfers with one companion too but i love her.
the highlights of the week:
friday we started teaching the bishops mom. :) her voice is soooooooo
low. you know when we play hand and foot and the black three goes
"BYE" in the deep scary voice? thats how her voice is. its so cute!
haha then friday night we went to a book presentation for michele the
ex mafia. he hasnt been meeting with us for a few weeks and you can
see the light that is out of his eyes. its sad. he was supposed to get
baptized in december, but he let his fears take over him and  he
missed out on a huge opportunity. now he is dying spiritually. its
breaking my heart.
saturday was awesome. first we made pancakes for breakfast with
daniele, slla magno, and SURPRISE!! daniele's GORGEOUS daughter and
perfect son in law and their THREE count em THREE gorgeous children!!!
we were planning to fix a baptismal date that day, but with his whole
family there who we had never met before, we thought it more opportune
to introduce them to the church a little. we invited them for sunday
and they were supposed to come, but their 6 year old daughter had a
fever. anyway it was an awesome lesson, and they are an awesome
family. and they are all going to be sealed in the temple some day.
then we went to see antonia di benardo who fell and broke her foot.
she is not doing too good... that even we did a bomb lesson with pia
and catia, and they are moving right along. :)
sunday was wonderful. daniele came for the first time!! saturday night
we were thinking that we could conceivable have 7-10 people in church.
when the sacrament started we had one!! hahaha i literally giggled
during the passing of the sacrament. by the end of sacrament meeting
we had 3 people there haha anyway it was great.
monday we passed by daniele's house, then went to see pasqua the
bishops mom but she wasnt there, then we had a nice huge FHE with us,
slla magno, the curcis, the costanzos, the lagattollas, and maria pia.
it was really fun and there was tasty treats :) MP is so happy these
days. she announced to the costanzos who are not members that she got
baptized!!! she said it like she was 5. it was cute. during the FHE
however, we found out that one of the elders is having some health
problems, and that he would be going to the hospital the next day...
yesterday was the most roller coaster day ever. first in the morning
it was AWESOME. i felt very strongly that slla sobeck needed to invite
him to be baptized. i have done 8739247392649278 baptismal invites by
now. she never had. so we started by bearing our testimonies about why
we were on our missions. it was the first time i cried during a lesson
for a while... then slla sobeck told him that we have been praying
about a date for his baptism and we wanted to propose march 3. we
asked him when you receive the answer that these things are true will
you prepare yourself to be baptized on this day? (thank you PMG) and
he said, yes, as long as he had received the answer. anyway it was
amazing. then we went to see antonia who broke her foot again.... she
is super depressed. then during lunch we found out that anziano
pedreira was in the hospital, that he had lost about 90% of the vision
in his right eye, and they needed to do a CAT scan. we starting
fasting right away. the mission pres called me and asked me to go and
see him if we had time but not to cancel our appointments. well we had
appointments back to back, so we didnt actually get to go see him
yesterday but we went today.... man its really sad. he hasnt told his
family and he told us today that he didnt even talk to his family on
christmas so he didnt want to call and be like hey merry late
christmas i am in the hospital. ugh he is so strong he makes me want
to be better. i feel like a big waste of space compared to him. he is
from uraguay and he has been a member for like 2 years, one of which
he has spent as a full time missionary. his mom has cancer and is not
doing too well so he said he didnt want to make things worse at home.
anyway just keep anziano pedreira in your prayers..... i am really sad
about him.
so ups and downs all over the place. some people making huge leaps of
progress, some regressing, its just all under His control. i am sooooo
happy to be a missionary at this moment. i know that i am here for a
reason. i am so grateful for me eternal family and i love you all. i
am looking forward to my last transfer in bari, and then i will
probably go to rome!! keep up the good work.
all my love
sorella ashman

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