Friday, December 23, 2011

buon natale di nuovo!

well i am now in my 10th transfer...... my fifth in bari. it was a great week, but i forgot to bring my agenda, so i don't remember everything that happened so i can't do the weekly run down :( saweeee.... (that reminded me of GWAMAAA AWNT MAWIIIII WEW AW YOU?????!!! hahahaha dad!!)
i just remember saturday night was soooo fun. we called our fave investigator daniele and asked if he had plans. he said no so we invited him to come to our ward activity to go and visit at an old folks home. he said he would like to come! daniele is like 60 something, super funny. reminds me a lot of dad actually. anyway so this was kinda his first exposure to the church so we were a little nervous. anyway it went well.... hahaha ok let's just put it this way. he ended up being a taxi for us and slla curci who has alzheimer's who hardly ever leaves the house, and maria pia our investigator who is getting baptized in january who is 74 years old. we were laughing cuz he had to drive us all around the whole city of bari all night and sit in the old folks home with a bunch of people he doesn't know. but the bishop and him totally hit it off. anyway i felt bad and he was like "i'm going to kill you both" hahahaha!!! he is soooo funny. but it was actually all good. he is so good humored. he was very accomadating and i told him that the Lord would bless him for his service to us. anyway, he loves us so much that i don't think we could ever do him wrong. he gave us huge warm scarves for christmas. we are giving him a picture of.... us. and one of the temple hahah
anyway sunday we went to bitonto and i learned some doctrine that will blow your minds. how many wise men were there? and who were they? there are some guesses!! i will let you all know when i get home ;)
this week was a little off because one of the elders in my district went home!! yeah in a bad way..... anyway we are praying for him and his ex companion. it was sad because he got here and then he left within 3 days so..... anyway. pray for him too.
anyway that's about all i can do for today. i am super antsy to talk at you all. 10 am. monday. be there.
thank you for all of your love and support. sorry if my letter is lame today. i am a little internet point trunky. and i am just too excited about christmas!! i am doing great, even though i am chubby. ;) i miss you all, i love you all. i am so grateful for this season to remember my Savoir. the other day we ran into some american JW missionaries. they were like "did you know that Jesus wasnt born on december 25?" i was like "yeah, but i don't there is anything wrong with celebrating the birth of our Savior. whether we do it in april or december, i am happy to do it!" anyway i meant it. i wrote a christmas poem and everything this year! (but its in italian) i will talk to you all on monday.
buon natale!!!

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