Friday, December 23, 2011

buon natale di nuovo!

well i am now in my 10th transfer...... my fifth in bari. it was a great week, but i forgot to bring my agenda, so i don't remember everything that happened so i can't do the weekly run down :( saweeee.... (that reminded me of GWAMAAA AWNT MAWIIIII WEW AW YOU?????!!! hahahaha dad!!)
i just remember saturday night was soooo fun. we called our fave investigator daniele and asked if he had plans. he said no so we invited him to come to our ward activity to go and visit at an old folks home. he said he would like to come! daniele is like 60 something, super funny. reminds me a lot of dad actually. anyway so this was kinda his first exposure to the church so we were a little nervous. anyway it went well.... hahaha ok let's just put it this way. he ended up being a taxi for us and slla curci who has alzheimer's who hardly ever leaves the house, and maria pia our investigator who is getting baptized in january who is 74 years old. we were laughing cuz he had to drive us all around the whole city of bari all night and sit in the old folks home with a bunch of people he doesn't know. but the bishop and him totally hit it off. anyway i felt bad and he was like "i'm going to kill you both" hahahaha!!! he is soooo funny. but it was actually all good. he is so good humored. he was very accomadating and i told him that the Lord would bless him for his service to us. anyway, he loves us so much that i don't think we could ever do him wrong. he gave us huge warm scarves for christmas. we are giving him a picture of.... us. and one of the temple hahah
anyway sunday we went to bitonto and i learned some doctrine that will blow your minds. how many wise men were there? and who were they? there are some guesses!! i will let you all know when i get home ;)
this week was a little off because one of the elders in my district went home!! yeah in a bad way..... anyway we are praying for him and his ex companion. it was sad because he got here and then he left within 3 days so..... anyway. pray for him too.
anyway that's about all i can do for today. i am super antsy to talk at you all. 10 am. monday. be there.
thank you for all of your love and support. sorry if my letter is lame today. i am a little internet point trunky. and i am just too excited about christmas!! i am doing great, even though i am chubby. ;) i miss you all, i love you all. i am so grateful for this season to remember my Savoir. the other day we ran into some american JW missionaries. they were like "did you know that Jesus wasnt born on december 25?" i was like "yeah, but i don't there is anything wrong with celebrating the birth of our Savior. whether we do it in april or december, i am happy to do it!" anyway i meant it. i wrote a christmas poem and everything this year! (but its in italian) i will talk to you all on monday.
buon natale!!!

tu sei brutto!!

well it has been another exceptional week. lots of good things happening. i couldn't ask for more. last friday was the ward talent show. i sang last, not because i planned to be the closer, it just happened that way, but it went really well. i sang our old friend "the stars and the moon" and "lullaby" i have them both on video. people liked them both. i dedicated "lullaby" to you, mom, and everyone thought it was so tender. anyway there were probably about 100 people. most non members because one of the members is a music teacher so all his students performed and they had all their families there. it was just really fun.
saturday morning we taught michele about sacrament meeting. it must have done its trick because the next day he came and stayed for all of sacrament meeting. then we worked with the future missionary carmen. then we went home and slla magno called and asked if we had a spare minute that afternoon. i said that we had a spare minnute in 45 minutes. she said ok ok come then! so we went over to her house. as we walked we got the phone call from slla kelly that we were going to be together for another transfer in bari (no big shock there...) when we got there, slla magno said she was gonna give us a treat. so she goes into the kitchen and comes back with two huge mountains of tiramisu (mormon style) it was sooooo good. now keep in mind we had JUST eaten lunch. then we found out why she wanted us to come over--- she wants us to teach her how it play the piano!! hahaha she is 75 years old. she is so cute. then we had to book it cuz we had to catch the bus to go see the costanzo family. i LOVE the costanzos. they have been investigators for a looooong time. we are trying to decided whether we want to focus on them. i am thinking yes. anyway so we read a story with them that's called "you are special" it is soooo great. they also have a special needs son, so it was great. well after the lesson, they were like "ok let's eat a little snack and then we will go" so they pull out a family size bag of potato chips. then a two liter bottle of coke. then a 2 kilo bag of taralli (they are kinda like chips). then a whole bunch of focaccia (which is like a bread pizza hybrid). they said that they didn't want any left overs!!! i was DYING and you guys know i can pack it in.... then they brought out the cookies!!!! i was about to cry. then we all got in their teeny car and they drove us through the crazy italian streets, and i almost thought i was gonna be sick. anyway then we had a lesson with valentina, our twelve year old who is getting baptized on jan 8th and then we had to walk home for an hour. it was great :)
sunday was fun. church was good, michele, maria pia and valentina were all there. then we realized that we didn't have a lunch appointment... we were kinda loitering around in the church cuz we were looking for someone to take us. not because we want a free meal but becuase its really important that we spend time with the members... anyway so we told the bishop that we needed somewhere to go and he made me call his parents in law and ask if we could eat with them. they said yes so we went to their house and it was great. i LOVE the bishop. before we left the church he was asking us all about our work and stuff. he is very happy with the work that we are doing. the food was incredibly good. we had penne pasta with cauliflower. it was sooo good. then bishop took us home and we went to choir practice and then we watched the first presidency christmas devotional. I LOVED THAT JESUS MOVIE!!!!!!! did you guys watch it???!! it was sooooo good. i just went on to see them again...
monday a huge miracle happened: our ex investigator gerald who is the african rebel spy, called us from africa!!! it was incredible. i can't believe how much of an impact the little things that we do has on people.... for lunch we had a potluck with the anziani and carmen and then we filled out her mission papers!!! the afternoon we had three awesome lessons: first the costantino family, then valentina, then maria pia. maria pia was telling us how she is ready, she is already making the necessary changes in her life. she is ready to fast, to drink decaf coffee (we are still working on this, but its a step in the right direction... lol) and she said "i had had a testimony without realizing it..." AHHH!!! all it took was our fast.... and the Lord's help hahah.
yesterday was interesting..... we woke up at like 5 to go do slla sobeck's fingerprinting but we didnt get to do it. we just hung out with the anziani.... then we walked around in bari vecchia for a few minutes because we were already there... then we saw michele and read 3 nefi 17. the Spirit was so thick you could have cut it with a knife!! it was great. he said he felt it. as we walked up to the church this old man saw us and said we were beautiful and michele was like "yeah and im ugly" and the old man said "yeah you're ugly!" and he hit him. hahahaha!!!  then we had lunch and then we had an interesting experience. i called angelo around 3:30 and he said he needed us to come right now. so we left the house and went to the bus stop. he works about 30 minutes away on foot, but 5 on the bus. well. we waited for the bus. i was freaking out cuz he said he needed us. we waited for over 30 minutes for the bus. we got to angelo's at 4:15. i dont know why that had to happen?! all day i was thinking, why couldn't we have gotten there when we wanted to? tba... ;) anyway so he was not doing well. he has brochitis and was feeling super sad. we told him we would walk him to the doctor's office and then we made a detour at his friend gabriela's house. she was super nice, but as we sat down i saw the clock. it was 4:45 and we had an appointment at 5. so i said sorry to be rude but we have to leave... anyway we left about 5 or 6 minutes later. then we had a very important lesson with remo lassandro, the husband of a long time member. we asked him what he ever does for God in his life. he didnt have an answer. we told him that prayer is the foundation of everything. anyway it was a good lesson. then we went to the church and sat in on the relief society doctrine study class, then we had english course. :)
things are going great here. i am sooo happy to be in bari and have all this work. pray for michele sciacovelli. we really want him to get baptized on new years eve.... so symbolic!!
love you all
sorella ashman