Saturday, September 24, 2011


The big news is transfers!! slla lecates is going to sicily!! she will be in catania, and my new companion will be slla hicks. i am now the queen of bari!!
lets do some highlights of this week
1. antonio is now the member who helps us in the lessons instead of the investigator. its amazing!! he is a beautiful butterfly!
2. annalisa the 16 year old girl is quickly becoming a bff. do yall remember how i always seemed to relate well to girls a few years younger? miriam and lindsay, laura weedman, etc. yeah she is also on the list 
3. orazio and maria are turning into beautiful flowers and preparing for baptism probably within the next month or 2. they just need to pray!!!
alright so sorry about that... but desperate times calls for desperate measures.
alright not that i am trunky AT ALL (actually the opposite) just for everyone's information i have been offered a job here in bari with a company that was started by one of the members, raffaella juan, (she is married to a mexican!) who has a translation company. they translate for all kinds of things, and right now they are working with the MTC to translate a series of DVDs called "the district" into italian. they want someone who is a native english speaker, and i told her that i want the job. the probability that i will be in italy for a long time is very high. man i miss you guys. its really hard for me to accept that we will be far away from each other, but for sure we appreciate each other more. i really love my family. i dont know if i ever told you all about when i was 16 and vince was on his mission or in college (in some way he had left home) and i realized that our family would never be the same again. i was in cold stone washing the dishes and it hit me! we would never all live in the same house again! and i started to cry. haha its really sad, but at the same time its just the way things are, and if we stayed at home forever we would be like Adam and Eve before the fall. it was a good life all together back in the day, and i love you all. so stay faithful to the covenants that we have all made in the temple (miriam soon) and we will all be together FOREVER!!!! mwahaha shout out to awesome parents who created such a bomb diggity place to live.
all my love
sorella ashman

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