Sunday, July 24, 2011

YAY YAY YAY! and some pics from Bari!

hey hey hey!
this week my companion and i did not speak any english!! i wrote last week that i would start at my 9 month mark, but we decided to start at our 8 month mark instead. this means that i will not speak english for TEN MONTHS. awesome. its going really well.

ok so last thursday was rough. just one of those days where everything goes poorly but you feel it. most days in the mission things go crazy bad and you laugh and you keep going. but no. this day we were pretty upset. we spent the whole morning in Loseto where we met a really nice lady who subsequently rejected our pants off, then we came home pretty... uh... tired. we had lunch and then we went out to do it all over again then we had a huge miracle. that afternoon we were waiting for the bus to come to take us to do house where we had planned. and we waited. and waited. and waited. it was so hot i literally felt like our health would have been at risk if we walked as far as we wanted to go, though technically it would have been possible. then when i was really losing my patience this...attractive... young man came running up. 'buona sera' i said not thinking anything. 'hi' he said. and then i heard the voice in my mind 'talk to him' so in english i said 'what's your name?' 'marco' he asked if the 22 had passed and then he started asking a bunch of questions about who we were and what we do etc etc.... it was awesome. then the bus came, we all got on together and we explained to him in english a bit of the plan of salvation. he didn't have any words and I LOVE IT when people are speachless because it means they have understood the outrageous things that we claim as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. we say the biggest things of all religions, and we can show that they are true! all it takes is a prayer! so i told this to marco and it was just such a cool contact. now it gets even better. that day we met him was exactly the day before he left to go to montenegro (where he is actually from----right by albania....) he said he will be back on september 7. happy birthday! we are going to give him a Book of Mormon for my birthday. then he is going to get baptized and go on a mission and be the first apostle from montenegro!

friday was even more challenging because we literally had nothing planned and nothing planable except house or street. i'll just leave this day alone cuz it was bad hahaha

saturday was great because the other ward had a baptism! it was the first baptism i've seen in italy. that afternoon we had an appointment with francesco who we met my first day in bari, but he never showed up... however! this guy walked past i said 'yo yo yo sup sup sup' (jk i said 'buon giorno!') and he totally stopped dead in his tracks. he was all confused by this wonderful feeling of warmth that we know as 'THE SPIRIT'. we talked and when we asked if he would be interested to learn more he said....'un attimo. one moment please' again speachless! my favorite! he said yes and the poor kid was so confused because he is soooo catholic but he really got slapped across the face by the Spirit and he liked it! so he gave us his phone number and we are going to see him saturday.

sunday was great. it was sunday! we went to lunch at the puglisi family and they have two AWESOME golden labs but no kids. the food was great and we even called them the day before to tell them we are vegetarians! it was wonderful.

monday was one of those days that nothing went right and yet you still feel great. like most days. actually something really fun happened on monday. i think it was a week ago that we made a contact with some guy named giuseppe who gave us the number of some other guy named giuseppe. well we had set up an appointment with the second giuseppe and he called to tell us that couldn't make it! i thought that was so nice. in fact, he is super nice. i have never seen him in my life, but just from the phone i can tell he is a good guy. i asked him how old he is and he is thirty. we have an appointment tonight. referals are a cool thing. in preach my gospel it says to ask everyone for names of people who could be interested in our message. so while we were doing house on monday i asked an old guy if any of his kids would be interested in our message since he wasn't. he then gave us the name of all SEVEN of his children. he told us to look them up in the phone book. i knew that would happen someday. out of all seven of his kids i am sure that at least one will be receptive. there is a reason why we went to that man's house.

yesterday was yet another day with no lessons (unless you count english course where we explained the entire organization of the Church in english) hahaha poor english course students. after english course, our italian tutor tommaso helped us with our italian. he is the nicest man i have ever met. i really want to teach him the gospel.

we have a lot of new ideas of how to do missionary work here in bari because so far, we haven't seen much success except antonio who even he is cooling down a bit, but no worries, i know he will be fine. he is the HUMBLEST man i have ever met. two quotes are in my mind now 'if you do what you've repeatedly done, you'll get what you've repeatedly gotten' and elder texiera at the last zone conference said 'we are not here to maintain the status quo' things are changing here in bari. we are really going to start some new things. we are going to have a talent show and we are really working more with the members. bari needed a facelift. or rather needs. four transfers ago, the sisters here got blown in (which means that they both came new at the same time) which means basically we have started from nothing 6 months ago. and this takes a lot of work and time. but i know if the Lord sees fit to let me stay here long enough, i will see a lot of improvements in the beautiful city of bari. i love it here. it really stretches me and makes me rely on the Lord. i know there are baptisms to be had here and by george, they are going to be had!! i love you all, keep being awesome.
all my love
sorella ashman

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