Wednesday, June 22, 2011

last week in Ragusa:-(

alright it has come... my last week in ragusa... and i accomplished one of my goals. what would that be? baptism? ( I WISH!!!!) completed the book of mormon? (not quite!) i got new italian glasses!!!! (come on this is me that we are talking about... i thought it was funny in vanessa's letter she said she is trying to dress more like me. i'm just obsessed with fashion i of my other goals is to get a pair of boots.....) but i had to get a pair to replace the ones that i lost a few months ago and i finally did it and they are beautiful. 

but for real speaking of goals this was a STELLAR week. we taught the most lessons i have ever taught in one week in my whole mission. it was awesome! but the thing is it's not like we worked any harder than usual. just some weeks we are supposed to learn some stuff and other weeks are supposed to teach some stuff. hahah.

last week we had the zone conference with elder texiera from portugal who is an area authority 70 here in europe. elder T was incredible!!!! also NEWS FOR VINCE!!! someone tell him please!!! portugal is the fastest baptizing country in europe now! i'm sure that's because vince went there. he really hammered in TALK TO EVERYYYYYONEEEEE. very spiritual and delightful. i translated the whole thing from english to italian for the non english speaking elders. it was awesome. i LOVE translating from english to italian. sadly that market is MUCH smaller than vice versa.... oh well! at the conference his wife challenged us ALL to read the book of mormon in 60 days. i was over half way, but i am happy to restart and i am still right on track. so cool the strength that comes from doing something together at a mission. 

saturday we had an awesome lesson with our investigators mary and emmanuel. at the end of the lesson we all knelt on the floor in a circle and our member, their friend, justice, said 'let us all hold hands' then he said the most poweful prayer i have ever heard! (this is the same justice that says DADDY-- open our brains and put your knowledge in!) this prayer he said, "daddy-- we are not beggars-- give to us so that we can give to others" email can't do it justice but i promise next phone call, i will do a smash bang impression. 

ok i am so close to out of time. i love you all and i am sorry this letter is lame. we have a ton of stuff to do today because tomorrow we have a huge ward activity. we turned the church into a movie theater. we are going to watch the testaments, and we have invited all of our investigators. 

i love you all. remind me to tell you about giorgio, aurora, radiza, fiorenza, and orazio. 
the Church is true and i rejoice in the priviledge to serve.
all my love,
sorella ashman

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