Wednesday, June 15, 2011


well today has already been fantastic. this morning we cleaned the house-- and i mean good like i pulled the washer away from the wall and mopped behind it. yeah we are talking deep. then the elders from gela came to pick us up to go to modica, which is my favorite city in sicily. parents if you remember the chocolate that i sent you in january, that was from modica. since i am going to be leaving ragusa and probably sicily in two weeks, i told the elders that we needed to go there before we left! we went and we ate tons of delicious chocolate and it was heavenly.
man when we think the miracles can't get any better.... last wednesday night we had just a bit of time when aurelia cancelled an appoitment. we decided to do house in via rimmaudo where we have some members. we did maybe 5 houses when we rang one and a super nice lady opened the door and we asked if we could come in. "oh yes come in come in!" she had no idea who we were. her daughter was home too. so we went in and sat down and explained what we did and what we could offer them and they were all excited about it! we asked the mom if she had work right now and she said no. (the economic crisis here is REALLLLLY bad ps.....) but she said "everyone is having a hard time with everything, so i can't complain." WOW! that was the first time i heard anyone say that answer! she was so great! and the daughter was eating it up.... so we got their phone number BUT the phone number doesn't work!! so we have to go by their house. we will go today. 
saturday night, we were walking down the street and there was a really pretty woman walking with two heavy looking shopping bags. we stopped and asked her if we could help and of course she said no but she asked us who we were and what we do etc etc and she gently set the bags down and started listening to us very intently. after a few minutes on the corner, we grabbed the bags and walked her home. she let us in where we got to know her a bit. her name is radiza, she is from romania and she has a 16 year old son. i really felt like she needed to hear something from the Book of Mormon, so we read 3 Nefi 11 together. I HAVE NEVER FELT A SPIRIT LIKE THAT BEFORE. holy cow, talk about being lead by the Spirit. i had no clue what we were going to teach her, but reading this chapter just filled her house with a sweetness like i can't explain. she told us we could come back the next day. so we did! again. there is something soooo special about radiza!! we have another appointment tonight.
every morning we do a practice approach. sister lewis or i pick someone on the street like "today i am a mom holding a baby" and then we talk to them as if it were real. well one time, we practiced with a character named 'daniela' and THAT DAY we had the EXACT approach that we made up that morning IN REAL LIFE. it was CRAZY. and cool. yesterday, we were walking down the street and there was a young man on the steps of a bank smoking. slla lewis had created this character a few weeks ago-- i could see it in my mind and i had to talk to him but i didnt want to cuz he was really cute and it scares me to talk to cute boys because it can be........ well...... distracting. i'll leave it at that.....  but i went over to talk to him. he was super nice! his name was stefano and he had a million questions. it was just like the approach that we made up. it was soooo weird. anyway, so we gave him a Joseph Smith pamphlet and got his number and we called him that day and he said he couldn't see us that day, but that he had read some of the pamphlet and it was very interesting and he was interesting in learning more. soooo cool!!! 
man the mission rocks.... thank you to everyone for everything. next week will be my last letter from ragusa.... so weird. i've been on my mission for over 7 months and have only been in one city.... i love it here but i am ready to see some other stuff :) 
i love the Church. and the Book of Mormon. man when i read it, i can't put it down!!!! and i don't like to read either.... 
i hope dad is doing well. i'm soo excited for his next letter! but no one send anything else to via buonarroti. i will be leaving here in 2 weeks, and i usually get letters in 10 days, so dont send anything else here just to be safe. 
i love you all
until next week, bacioni dalla siclia
sorella ashman

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