Wednesday, May 4, 2011


alrighty folks. its true. i have been out 6 months. its unreal. i never want to come home!!!!!! i love it more and more everyday. so for the mothers day call i will be calling probably around 9 am your time (las vegas). i hope that is ok! we get to talk for one hour. :) just like christmas. they said we could skype, but i dont know how to do it. maybe next christmas i will do it. i just dont really want to deal with it when its easy to use the phone and yeah... sorry if that upsets anyone.
this has been a wonderful week!!! some really awesome miracles... lets start with yesterday and emanuele.... man this was AWESOME. ok so friday we went to the immigration office to get me legalized and my documents still weren't ready. sister lewis was just chatting with everyone, male and female, muslim and christian, young and old. which is awesome. her little baby greenie spirit cannot be squashed, even in a throng of hundreds of egyptians and tunisians who frankly scare me, shes just chatting away, trying so hard to speak to people who speak significantly less italian than she does. anyway, she gave a pass along card to an indian guy that literally speaks no italian.... the good thing is that we never know what plans Heavenly Father has so we just talk to everyone and let Him do the rest! anyway so this guy called us and i had NO idea what he was saying. but he kept calling us. he wanted to meet up with us and then we tried to explain that we are missionaries and the whole nine yards. he said he lived in chiaramonte, which is an adorable little town about 30 minutes out of ragusa. he called us all the time and finally we came to the conclusion (after MUCH prayer) that maybe if we went to chiaramonte to explain to him face to face who we are he would get the message and leave us alone. so we decided to go. we took a hindi Book of Mormon and called one of the members in ragusa that has a house there and we went. we got there around 2:30 and we had to meet him at 3. the member there wanted to feed us, so we started eating but there was hardly any time. at three we went to the meeting spot and he wasnt there. at 3:20 we called him and he said 20 minutes but we had to get the bus at 4. we told him to hurry and finally at 3:40 he was there, we gave him the Book of Mormon and we booked it to the bus stop for the 4 oclock bus. at 4:08 i was getting nervous that it wasnt coming, but at 4:10 (after a desperate prayer) there it was!! i was stressing BIG TIME because we had an appointment with emiliano at 5:15, rosana at 6, and english course at 6:30, like there was no wiggle room.... we got on the bus and i asked the driver if the bus wasn't supposed to leave at 4. he said no, that it left at 5 (he said FIVE in english, to which i snappily replied, "grazie. io parlo italiano") then something amazing happened. the bus driver apologized that we had been misinformed. he really was so sorry and i told him there was nothing we could do and it wasn't his fault. then the phone rang and it was rosana. she said she couldnt come to the appointment. ok. then i called emiliano and i told him what was happening and asked if he could come at 5:45. he said yes. the bus driver was so upset that we had to change our plans that he pulled out the schedule and showed us, and he said next time to take this bus and that bus. pretty much he was genuinely concerned. anyway we started talking and long story short, this bus driver emanuele is AMAZING. he knows the Church, he has been before, he has read the Book of Mormon and he said he wants to come to church on Sunday. and he continued to refer to the Church as "the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." i asked him if he believed the Church was true and he said yes. he gave me his phone number and we continued to have an incredible conversation for the whole bus trip, about the restoration, the apostles, repentance, everything!!! we all ackowldeged that it wasnt an accident that we came to chiaramonte that day. then to top it off when we got back to ragusa, he literally dropped us off at the door of the church building!! hahahah how blessed am i!!! i can't wait til he gets baptized!
its not what you know, its who you know.... that is sooooo true in sicily.
ok family i love you all. i must close now, but i cant wait to talk to you all on sunday morning!!! especially spencer.
love from sicily
sorella ashman

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