Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I might be leaving Ragusa!

alright everyone. you all know how much i LOVE ragusa, and if i havent made it clear enough, let me just say it once and for all I LOVE RAGUSA. during my stay of over 5 months so far, i have also worked in mistretta, catania, and siracusa, and i am still just in love with ragusa. the other cities are all wonderful too, and i know that wherever i get sent, IF I GET TRANSFERRED, i wil love it, and i will be in the right place. im literally at 50\50 right now, but if i dont get a letter out next week its cuz the Lord needed me somewhere else. :) i am praying very diligently that i will stay one more (and only one more) but my whole mission has been in ragusa so far. on saturday i will know for sure. also do not send anything else to the house in ragusa until i know for sure! for now letters and stuff can be sent to the misison home and i will get them. :)
miracle of this week: raposelli. he has been dealing with so many issues in this personal life and has been so stressed that the other day, he went to the store and bought three bottles of wine. he put them in his room and then came to his senses!!! he took the wine back and bought 6 bottles of soda instead! this would be like me going to costco and buying three of those DELICIOUS chocolate bundt cakes, then returning them for 6 bunches of bananas. that would be hard....
we have a new invetigator named mary. she is from ghana. we asked her to read the Book of Mormon and she said she needed to ask God if it was ok. AHAHAHAH!! i was like YES! ASK HIM!! its so great. i love telling people to test us....
alright well im so sorry this is short, but we have very little time. im in catania right now for zone conference and i need to get going. i love you all and i know that this work is real and i am sooooo grateful that Heavenly Father didnt let me settle for less. thank you all for your support and it was so great to talk to you all. until next week! (hopefully.....)
sorella ashman

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