Thursday, April 21, 2011

yo yo yo

so im training. or maybe im being trained. i LOVE sister lewis. she is so on top of things, and she was made to be a missionary. she just gets it. she sings opera. she speaks beautifully and she is super stylish. sorella zeller said when you are a greeny you are so impressed by how mature the senior missionaries are, and when you are the senior companion you're shocked by how great the babies are. it's true.... 
today we spent the whole day with emiliano. and we got two gelatos..... it's been a great p-day. emiliano came to church this week! it was amazing. he just walks in like he owns the place. its becoming more and more natural for him and i just hope im here to see him get baptized. we are praying for the 29th of april. he has officially been to church enough times and taken all the lessons. we are just waiting for him to be sure. 
sorella lewis and i are tearing up ragusa. i thought zeller and i did some good work but it just gets better and better. 
our adventist investigator pinuccia is great. her tj uncle not so much but... we had a fun lesson with her the other day :) we taught her about baptism and baptism for the dead! she thought it was outrageous, but isnt it awesome that we can make outrageous claims because they are true? mwahahaha
so raposelli, our favorite toothless less active is no longer less active. it's unreal. he said he is going to continue to come to church every week. i told him that most likely piano piano he will find the love that the people in the ward in ragusa have for him. he said he thought it could happen. i told him i know it can. :) he has been my biggest miracle so far, and the person i feel like i have done the least work for. strange. 
thank you dad for your letters! can you tell brother sanders hello from the chines family and the micozzi family? this is crazy that we are serving in the same place!! is there anyway i could get a picture of brother sanders? i'm still doing detective work for these people that he knew.... stay tuned! i am hanging on every word of this battle between unlv and the school in utah.... what's going to happen???? all i know is in october 2012, i will be at conference with my companions from the mission, emiliano, and some of the other elders. we are already talking about it! hahaha 
wasnt general conference INCREDIBLE???? i cried like a baby when the prophet talked about the rome temple. wow. how amazing to be here in italy in these days!!!!!! it makes me want to cry again just thinking about how stinking blessed i have been!!!!! and my italian is getting better and better. i am sooooo grateful for the preparations that i have had to be a missionary without even knowing it.... thank you everyone for your support!!! i love you all!!! special shout out to nikki who is getting married in two days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
the Church is true and Jesus Christ is our Savior. the Church is the same Church that he organized 2000 years ago, a living, breathing, growing church, lead by Jesus Christ. thank you parents for raising me with these principles. i love you.
sorella ashman

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