Thursday, April 21, 2011


so last week we were standing at the bus stop, about to get on the bus. it was coming up the street when a very nice looking woman came up to us and asked us if we were the missionaries. naturally we were excited and she told us that she used to meet with the missionaries. the bus was there. i asked her how we could get in contact with her and she gave me her address and she told us to come by between 3 and 5. we went the next day and she was so nice!! her dad was super closed, but she was very receptive. yesterday i called her to fix another appointment and she said 'can you come tomorrow?' we said yes! i called this morning to confirm the address and her husband answered. i introduced who i was and he told me that they were busy this morning and hung up. 
now why would i start a letter with this story? i was thinking about why in the world this would happen. it was so perfect! (now i'm not saying that it's over with her by any means. we are going to call her again tomorrow) people on the street ask us everyday why life is so hard and why there are so many people suffering etc etc. so far the best answer i have come up with is 'if life were easy, what would it teach you?' if missionary work did itself, what would i be learning right now? if this were easy, i wouldn't be here! there wouldn't be missionaries! we are here to learn patience and to think on our toes and to trust the Lord. it's His work and He uses us like His puppets. i am grateful to have these tiny hiccups in the plan to always remind me by whose grace i am here and how powerless i am. 
let me tell you the best thing ever. monday was soooo full. we taught five lessons and just did sooooo much work. so we were really refreshed for tuesday, energized with the prospect of making the day even better. we started the morning singing walking down the street like in the movie '500 days of summer' yeaeeeeahh you, you make my dreams come truuuuuue!!! picture this scene, two blond americans dancing down the sidewalk singing. we got to a cross walk and literally this man on his vespa stopped and motioned with his hand, smiling and said 'PREGO!' it was so wonderful!!!! i wish someone was making a movie of this..... when we get to the other side, i'm going to ask ryan mclean to set that scene to music. and maybe make me look a little more slim. hahahaha! i'm still sorella modella though, even if i am not losing weight. i have been proposed to 3 times. 
let me tell you about domenico and elisabetta. they are two young adults (22 and 21) that we met at the park last week. they are cousins but they could not be any more different. elisabetta is a bit pudgy, tall, just a ray of light. she is always smiling and very nice. physically reminds me of me three years ago. she is very religious and she listens to us with such attention. her mom is a jehovah's witness, and she is a thinker. domenico is the complete opposite. he is slim and short and he has anorexia. he texts the whole time we teach them and he straight up told us that he wasnt going to get baptized. hahahaha. elisabetta is so tender and kind to him. as we walked away after the lesson two days ago, she linked arms with him and just talked to him. what amazing people. elisabetta is so excited to come to church (not this week since its easter) on may 1st. she is going to get baptized! pray for her and domenico.
emiliano is still doing well. monday we sat him down and gave him a come to Jesus talk (literally). we told him he needed to get baptized and then he told us that he is just having a hard time doing it by himself. we asked him to make a bit more effort and we told him that we would help him and keep our eyes peeled for any hotties that want to take this journey with him. 
i just had an amazing experience. there was a woman sitting next to me and she said 'bloody heck' under her breath and so we started talking. she was from australia and here finding her roots. there are so many italians who have moved to australia. anyway shes a really amazing person who i am sure that we will be best friends and when i get home we will be friends on facebook. 
life is full of great surprises. its better than i could ever imagine. last sunday was palm sunday, where we celebrated the triumphal entry of Christ in jerusalem, beginning the last week of His mortality. we know what happened four, five and seven days later, and it's for this reason that i am here. easter has always been my favorite holdiay. the resurrection has always been my favorite story, and now i am in the country that i love teaching the people that i love about the Savior that i love. tomorrowabout 2000 years ago Jesus Christ atoned for our sins. in this day, this week, i am more grateful than i have ever been before. i see people everyday who are afraid of death, the incertainty of this life, and being separated from their families. how immensely grateful i am for a beautiful family that is sealed together for eternity! thank you family! and i also want to thank my Savior who made all this possible. His voctory over death has given each of us the certanty that we will rise again! i have no fears! only hope for the beautiful future that is before me, in this life, in my mission, and in the eternities with my family.
all my love and happiest easter ever,
sorella ashman

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