Wednesday, April 6, 2011


transfer news!!!!! alright so i knew sorella zeller was dying so it was pretty likely that i stayed in ragusa. president called us on saturday to tell me that i would be staying in ragusa for the fourth transfer and i am TRAINING a brand new missionary!!!!!!! i am a baby!!!! i have been in the mission for 3 transfers and i am having a kid!!!!!!! whats also cool is that in my district, there is another set of elders and there is also going to be a greenie there! so me and my district leader are training. its going to be a great transfer!! im excited and not nervous at all like i thought i would be! who knows how she will speak..... i kinda thought this might happen. my italian is getting really good. the gift of tongues is amazing. sometimes i just talk and talk and talk and realize that that conversation was happening in italian. as far as the language goes, i feel prepared for this baby.... hahaha
ok lets get the other highlights in: general conference was incredible.... we watched some with emiliano and he cried like a baby!! it was elder scott's talk about eternal marriage and his wife and stuff. i just keep asking myself "when is he going to be ready???" he knows its true!!!! this morning we hung out for a few hours at the market while sorella zeller spent a fat wad of cash on all the stuff that she hadnt gotten yet in a year and a half. emi is sooooo great. he bought us a bunch of stuff for zellers departure (a whole cake each.....) 
rapposelli, the drinker, smoker, inactive for 30 years who says the members in ragusa can 'rot and burn in hell' has come 180 degrees. he told us that he is concinved that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the church of Jesus Christ on the earth. but we found something important and bad the other day. he never quit smoking to get baptized. he has literally been smoking for over 40 years. whoever baptized him just never let him take the sacrament..... man the church 30 years ago isnt what it is now.... thank goodness. so he wants to get rebaptized, but he has to stop smoking and drinking first. its going to take a literal miracle. his body must be absolutely black as tar inside. its literally going to take a miracle, but i know miracles are possible. 
ok a few items of business: suzanne the pin on my bank card.... its not working. i can use the card to buy stuff at the store and stuff, but when i go to make a withdrawal, it doesnt work. should i have sorella kelly call you? i dont know what to do. if you need to reset it or what. yeah. 
ok i got the letter from dad about the members here from lee sanders! the salvatore capella sr is dead, the other two are inactive. i am doing some detective work now to find out more. stay tuned!!
alright we gotta go to catania now so slla zeller can die. man.... good thing she lives in oregon and we have family there!
love you all!!! the Church is true.
sorella ashman

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  1. Oh Hill! We love you and are so proud of you. Uncle Peter is off to Washington, D.C. today and I am going to run amuck, not cook, watch cartoons and paint until I drop. Life is good. You make it more so just by being you. We stand with you in love.