Thursday, March 24, 2011

what a week

alright, i'll say it. im really glad that Heavenly Father knows what He is doing. saturday was such a hard day, but by the time i am writing to my family it's all water under the bridge hahaha and now it doesnt even seem like anything bad happened. basically i'll just sum up by saying that emiliano is not getting baptized on friday. we fasted, we prayed, we felt really good about it, we have been doing a sugar fast for three weeks, everyone in the ward is praying and i know you are too but there are two forces that are more powerful even then prayer- agency and the will of God. and neither of those two things was in line with what we wanted. and isn't that great? i kept telling emiliano that we want trials because trials are what make us grow!! after a trial we can look back and see what God was making of us.  the main thing that upset me was that i had felt a spiritual confermation that he was ready and then he decided he wasnt and i was realllllllly sad that what i was so sure about didnt come true. i asked sorella zeller why in the world this would happen.she in her infinite wisdom said, 'we needed to work for this baptism as if it was going to happen, with no doubts about it. if we had been unsure about it, would we have worked as hard as we have been the last few weeks?' aaaaaahhaaaaaa!!! man she is good.... 
things are still progressing with emiliano. he is still elect, it's just going to take him a little bit longer than two months to change his entire life by himself. i don't think thats asking too much. 
aurelia is doing great, but we have to move her baptism back quite a bit because her fiance is still not officially divorced so they can't actually get married. we taught her the law of chastity and she thought it was so funny that these two twenty something year old girls were teaching HER about intimacy. she literally cracked up! i thought it was going to be hard to teach emiliano the law of chastity, but instead the 52 year old was less mature! hahaha 
we have been instructed to work more closely with the members, and so we have been! we teach lessons to members and do more service with them. it's been slow seeing results, but i know that "there is no subsititute for a member oriented missionary program" like it says in PMG. 
last night we taught our english course, which is always a highlight of the week. it was awesome because first thing, this guy walks in and he asks, "what means santi degli ultimi giorni?" (latter-day saints) and so we explained the restoration very briefly and then we talked about the secret to happiness and it was interesting to see what people thought. i said three things: my relationship with God, having the answers to my questions, and the knowledge that i will be resurrected and live with God and my family for eternity. and then i added gelato.... they know i'm obsessed with gelato (even though i haven't had any for three weeks cuz i made this sacrifice that that emiliano would get baptized!!! hahahah)
alright i love you all. im so grateful to be a missionary. im so grateful for the Holy Ghost and i am so grateful that my parents raised me in a home where It's influence was constant. keep praying for emiliano. keep on working hard, at work, weight watchers, school, whatever. i love you and support you. 
sorella ashman

MOM-I GOT THE BANK CARD!!! i knew it had come, it was one of the lame elders who had it forever and had 'forgotten' to give it to me. thank you!!! and i love the cd, especially my solo hahahahah!!!! also, will you tell trisha to give me her address in alaska NOW! and ill have a letter waiting for her. thank you!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hillary, I am so thankful we have you on our side!