Wednesday, March 30, 2011


man i am super exhausted so i apologize in advance if this letter is incoherent and short like im predicting. this morning we drove half way across sicily with some elders (sicily is really small.... it took like 2 hours) and we went to the valley of the temples, anceint grecian temples on the tops of some hills. it was BEAUTIFUL. they also had a ton of modern sulptures all around that (forgive for saying this!!) i liked even more than the temples.... wooops. they were incredible though. the best part of the day though was when we were coming back from the temples, we stopped at the beach and had a picnic!!!!!!!! i love the beach!!!! even though water is 100% vietato as a missionary (except when you are baptizing). 
ok i will recount our adventure from last p-day. we came and used the computer first thing in the morning, and then by 1 oclock we had everything done!! so we said, lets rent bikes for a few hours and have some fun! so we went to the bike shop to see how much it cost and it was super cheap, so we said lets do it! we wanted to go to modica. so we started out smooth sailing, loving life, riding right along with the cars. we got to modica!! then we turned around immediately becuase we were going to be late, but we were set on getting back in time.... things were going fine, then all of the sudden we turned the corner of this gorgeous green hill and the sky was completely BLACK. it started trickling, then raining, then pouring. i couldnt see cuz i had my glasses on, so i put them in my pocket. i was checking to make sure they were there about every 30 seconds, and maybe 10 minutes later, they were gone!! i told slla zeller we needed to stop, call the guy who rented us the bikes and tell him i lost my glasses. we started looking for my glasses but it was really raining hard.... anyway francesco, the bike man, said he was going to come pick us up! he came and we were saved and i couldnt stop laughing about how ridiculous we must have looked and how happy we were to have him pick us up. anyway, he started asking us immediately about what we teach and stuff and it was really cool. a few days later we gave him a book of mormon, but we were a bit scared because we don't think that he is married and its always touchy teaching an unmarried man.... but we are going to go back this week to see him and see if he has read and if he is interested in the message! i was thinking it over and i realized that i had to lose my glasses or we never would have called him, and he never would have picked us up or asked us anything about the church. now the good side is i have an excuse to get a pair of italian glasses and i still have my other frames (i lost the zebra ones. ow! it hurts me  to say that....) 
alright lets get spiritual here. back in my first transfer, slla foote and i felt like there was a family with two daughters that was ready to hear th gospel. i haven't forgotten that feeling. slla zeller and i a few days ago felt very compelled to do some finding in a certain zone. so we were in that zone and it was almost lunch time. i told slla zeller to go ring the citofono and i had to watch for the bus. as she was ringing i heard someone open the gate, and so i scampered over there. there was a woman inside and she was very nice. we told her who we were and that we had a message to share and that we would like to come back and share it with her. she said ok and we set the appt for a few days later. when we went for the appt, she told us that she had been praying that day for God to send her someone to teach her. we explained the first vision, the book of mormon and a bit about who we are. the only thing that she didnt agree with was that we have sunday as our holy day when the Bible clearly says saturday....(she isn't catholic--she's adventist! finally someone who thinks outside the box!) well that saturday and sabbath being the same word thing only happens in italian so.... yeah. she's got nothing. after we finished the lesson we sang 'i know that my Redemer lives' and the Spirit was so strong!!!! we set another appt and i asked her if she had any other children (beside the one daughter we had met.) i knew what she was going to say and she said she had another daughter!!!! soooo cool. man the mission is fulllllll of miracles and things that i couldnt learn any other way. i think that is the number one thing that i've learned from slla zeller. there are things that we can't learn any other way. she is dying next week and i am going to miss her terribly. man. i depend on her so much. having a companion is so great. i love slla zeller!!! 
i love you all as well! thank you for everything. the package is at the post office mom!!! i have to go pick it up because we weren't home when they tried to drop it off. thank you in advance for everything. 
all my love from ragusa
sorella ashman

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