Thursday, March 3, 2011


so yesterday was a crazy p-day so we didn't have the chance to write, so now we are taking our lunch break today. sorry if anyone cried for not getting my letter.... 

so this has been a roller coaster week. i think the mission is totally a roller coaster becasue my emotions are always so close to the surface and so many things happen that have a more profound effect than what they usually would. first things first: emiliano! seriously one of my best friends in the world right now. let's talk about the Holy Ghost for a minute. having it, and being in tune, is like being able to tell the future. you just know things. so when emiliano told us a few days ago that he got a new boss, i knew at that moment because of a feeling that i had, that this boss was going to create problems with emiliano's spiritual progression. a couple days later, emiliano told us that the new boss decided that the store was going to be open on sundays. nevertheless, we set a date with him!! MARCH 25 but the only problem is, he has to come to church every week before that or he can't be baptized. but tonight we are going to have FHE with a family in the church and the lesson is going to be about fasting and this suunday we are going to fast that emiliano will be able to be baptized on the 25th. :) i know it will all work out.

i think its only fitting to relive a day with you all. you will love it :) monday started fine. we went to rita, one of the new converts, and she wasn't home, but we had district meeting, where the elders in the closest city come and we all help each other. it was the first time with a new district leader, elder scotchi, and he was AWESOME!! the training was great.  we had decided to have a potluck. they brought some yummy rice, and we brought sausage and cauliflower. yum! after we had a nice full afternoon planned. we were going to go to our investigator silvana, then we were going to have a lesson with a new investigator federico, then we were going to have FHE with emiliano at one of the member's houses. so we went to silvana, she wasn't home. we called federico to confirm, he said he couldn't come. then we went to see emiliano at work, and he wasn't there. so we called him and he said he couldn't come. so we'd been walking around in the rain for a few hours by this point, and i was really really sad. we had this awesome day planned i was so cold and just upset. so we said, ok let's do some house! as we were walking to the predetermined palazzo, i was praying 'Heavenly Father, i am so frustrated right now. why did everyone cancel their appointments? please help me understand. i'm just so frustrated by this. please give us some reason for this to have happened.' i had tears in my eyes and i was really feeling low. we approached this palazzo and it was so foggy and cold. the gate was open, and the door into the stairwell was open. (just those two things right there are miracles!!) we walked up to the top floor and knocked on the first door. a woman opened the door. we explained to her the Book of Mormon, and that it gives us the answer to our questions. she said 'no no no i have read all the books, and nothing will give me back my husband.' her husband died 7 years ago.she was very angry and very closed. i started praying in my mind 'Heavenly Father, please us help her.' we kept talking. and she started opening up. after probably 10 minutes in the door, her phone rang. because of that, she told us to come in. we sat on her couch and started to talk with her more about the gospel. we then proposed a program of 4 weeks, in the which if she would read and pray everyday and come to church, by the end of four weeks, she would know the truth of the gospel and have the opportunity to be baptized. SHE ACCEPTED. she agreed to put it to the test, to really see if we had something different to offer. so she agreed and she also accepted to be baptized on March 25. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS??? she wanted nothing to do with us, and now she has a baptismal date....aurelia and emiliano! monday was one of the hardest days ever....but God had to clear out our schedules or we never would have been there right at that moment with aurelia. we went back to aurelia yesterday and she already seemed like a new person.
the gospel is amazing my dear family. thank you for your prayers and support. read the Book of Mormon. it changes lives. it's changing mine more and more everyday. it's changing emiliano's and aurelia's. there are so many more things i could say, just know that this work is true and it's going forth. in the rome mission this year alone, there have already been 18 baptisms!! we are going to add two more people into the true Church of Jesus Christ in about 3 weeks. keep your prayers coming. pray for emiliano, aurelia, mose and the battaglia family. thank you all. i love you.
sorella ashman

ps i bought a present for spencer!! so i need his address


  1. Your silly Aunt Peg loves you and is so proud of this work that has captured you mind, body and spirit! Keep listening to your inner guidance as it is clearly serving you well.

  2. Keep it up Hillary! Best and most important work in the world! Love your "can do" attitude. Prayers for you, Godd bless you! muah <3