Friday, March 18, 2011


I'm gonna try to keep this one short cuz i'm already crying hahahaha i've just really been feeling the Spirit so strongly the last few days, but i cry all the time anyway. sunday was INCREDIBLE. last thursday emiliano still wasn't sure if he was going to make it to church. he had to take a step forward and ask his boss to switch the shift, which required some actually effort on his part. up to this point, everything has been totally natural for him, but i told him i was so excited that he had this trial because God was giving him a chance to grow. i wasn't worried at all. the Spirit is amazing. i feel like a fortune teller because i know things that are going to happen before they happen. i think i already said that. oh well. anyway. we started singing the opening hymn. sorella zeller was playing the piano and i was conducting and he still wasn't there. then, as we started the third verse of 'sunshine in my soul' in walks our little sunshine EMILIANO!!! and i think i probably had the most idiotic smile on my face but oh well. it was ward conference and we had the entire stake presidency in our ward! this week is also the 150th anniversary of italy, so we practiced all week to sing the national anthem because we didn't know it, and slla zeller had to play the piano. in sacrament meeting we all stood and sang the italian national anthem and i was so happy!! i am italian at heart. even if i think its insane that everything closes right in the middle of the day for 3 hours.... but our inactive member who hasnt been to church for 30 years came!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was incredible. he sat right next to me, and emiliano on the other side and behind me sat our other less active that we have been working with and i thought 'thank you Heavenly Father for these people that you have entrusted me with. i can't believe that i- hillary ashman, regular blond american girl- have been prepared called and set apart to care for these tender souls in this amazing country.' can you believe that i am here? i can't. and at the end of the next transfer (in 3 weeks) my mission is FIVE MONTHS OVER. i have been talking to Heavenly Father so much. not just praying. just chatting sometimes. emiliano has to come to church this sunday or he can't get baptized. i've been talking to Heavenly Father about it. cuz He knows how it's going to work out. i have no doubt whatsoever, that right at the last moment, emiliano is going to say 'LET'S DO IT!' because i know the future and i know he is going to get baptized. i trust the Spirit. 
one more cool experience and then im gonna go. the other day i was studying the map of ragusa and praying to know where to go. i felt really good about a street 'maiorana' and so we decided to go there. well for reasons that happen on the mission, we didnt make it there. two days later, we saw one of the members and she asked if we needed a ride. we of course accepted and we told her where to go and she said, 'oh this is where my son lives!' her son is named davide and he is the boyfriend of another member. so his gf and mom are both members and i felt like there was someone on that street ready!! well he wasn't home at that moment, but now we know, and we were lead there and i am sure that the countless prayers of these women are being answered.
thank you everyone, a special shoutout to dad and toonchic. i love your letters and and so grateful that you spoil me with them. dad thanks for the poem. i remember the first time i heard you recite and i have always remembered that thought 'it might have been' 
you never know what impact your example has had on someone else. 
i love you all!!
janelle- i will see you next year. 
love sorella ashman 

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  1. Hillary, I'm sorry, but there is nothing "regular blond american girl" about you (except the blonde american girl part)

    Love your enthusiasm for the gospel and hard work! Praying for your success sorella ashman!