Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Amazing Week!!

alright so last week i was in catania two days for zone conference and p-day and both days were great. we played sand volleyball at this indoor court and i learned that i dont suck at volleyball. we pretty much just passed the day as tourists and it was great. at zone conference the thing that hit me the hardest was this quote from c.s. lewis: i see Christ the way i see the rising sun, not only do i see it, but by it i see everything else.
so i have a few things that have happened that are just too cool to pass by. last sunday we had a prayer with the bishop in which we all knelt down and prayed to know a zone where we could go to find somone who was ready. during the prayer, i felt really good about the zone that we had chosen. bishop didnt feel as good, and decided to extend the task to the ward as a ward fast. but since i felt good about it, we decided to go that night to THE ZONE. we did house for what felt like hours (and actually was) with NOTHING. i was getting tired but i said in my mind, Heavenly Father, i am not leaving until we have a phone number, and since we have to be home soon... yeah.... so we knocked on this door where there was a young man and guess what happened?!?!? literally neither my companion nor i could speak. it was the weirdest thing. well we had to start home and i just thought that it must not have been in His will that night and i was fine, a little disappointed and confused, but He knows what he is doing. so we're going home and we passed this citofono that had a blue light, and it seemed to be glowing SO brightly! i said sorella wait. one more citofono! so i went back to it and parked at the street right there, there was a man in his car eating a pizza. we asked us who we were and what we taught. i leaned down to the window and bore a really strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and i told him that if he would read it, he would find the answers to his questions. the words flew out like i was born here. it was AMAZING. then i told him that reading wasn't enough and that i wanted his phone number so we could talk about it. he said "volentieri" which means 'totally, no problem' basically. it was soooo cool. i won't tell what happened when i called him later cuz it'll ruin the moment haha but i got my phone number!!
yesterday we were in the ZONE again. (we felt good still after the ward fast that that was the right place) we were doing house for the 3rd time this week. we hadn't planned at all to go the the ZONE that day, but i knew we needed to. we rang over 70 bells and one of them seemed to have potential. she was a young girl named alessandra. she said she didnt have time to talk at the moment, but that we could pass another time. the thing i like about her was that she doesnt agree with the catholic church totally.... that makes things easier for us. as we were leaving her house, her dad pulled up and he was very happy looking but we didnt really think anything of it. we kept doing house, and then one of the friends of a member drove past and she offered us a ride. we ended up going to a bar with her and then she brought us back to the ZONE. we missed our bus so we started walking, but i knew for some reason that i wanted to take the bus. so we waited at a bus stop, and got on some random bus. i had no idea what was going on except i just felt like it. we stayed on the bus past our stop cuz i wanted to see where it went. no reason at all. then we started walking from a distance that probably would have been the same as if we had just walked in the first place. as we were walking past the police department, one of the police outside started yelling at us in sicilian. i had no clue what he was saying but i went to talk to him. he said he saw us this morning. it was the dad that pulled up at the house of alessandra!!!! can you imagine??? he was talking to some other guy and then that guy left. it was so well orchestrated it had to have been divine. me wanting to take the bus, the other guy leaving right then, us walkign that way home... anyway he asked us if we had eaten and we said no, so he took us to the cafeteria where the emplyees in the police department work and we were a SIGHT!!! everyone was asking us questions and we gave out our pamphlets like candy. well anyway, this man, saro (rosario) loves us! he was telling everyone that we were "due brave ragazze" that aren't like the testimoni di geova.... and we told him we wanted to pass by his family (they have FIVE kids) and he said sure!!!!! we may have already found the people that are ready..... everyone be sure to thank Heavenly Father for me too. amazing AMAZING experience.
ok just one more little funny story. yesterday some younger man stopped us in the street asked us who we were and stuff and so we explained. he said he was muslim and from AFGANISTAN!! he did not look like it.... anyway so we talked for a bit and he told us our countries were enemies. HE WAS PART OF THE TALIBAN!!!!!!!!!!! but i said we could be friends! he was like yes of course!! HAHAHAHA!!! i have a friend in the taliban!!!!!!!!!! hahahahah it was so cool
ok i am already out of time. i love you all and i'm sorry i didn't have time to answer anyone's questions. i will make my internet time more a priority next week. thank you for everything and please send me a new night guard!!
love you all!! (especially spencer!!!)
sorella ashman


  1. I love your story. "IF you want it, you've got to fight for it!"-Jillian Michaels

  2. HILLARY!!!!!!!!!! It's your BFF! How can I get ahold of you?? I'm getting MARRIED!