Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Spencer Day!!

HE'S SO CUUUUTE!!!! good job billyjoel. he looked less than happy to be all bundled up like that though. hahahaha i wanted to print that picture, but the printer at this internet cafe isn't working. T_T
i got lots of pictures this week! thank you and keep em coming. that was awesome.
how is vince doing? i havent heard from or about him for a while. i hope megan has scrapbooked something cute lately.
that's so awesome that tanner went through the temple!! when is he gonna come into the field? i thought he went to the MTC in january, but january is almost over.
suzy- thanks for all your work with my debit card. i appreciate it more than i can say. i know you are really busy and that its a nightmare to deal with that stuff so just know i am i sincerely grateful.
so lets get to the highlights of this week! uyi and gloria broke up with us. they had a baptismal date, and they had received the witness that there is a living prophet today. but they said that there was this man that was giving them a ride to an anglican church every sunday, and they didn't feel that it was right to jump from church to church. amazing the lies that satan will paint in our minds. he knew that uyi and gloria would be great members of the Church and that they would brng more people to the church. it was really sad, but it doesn't mean it's the end, and i have come to the knowledge that when someone breaks up with you, that's just the Lord's way of paving the way for someone else. and i think we found him!!!! so we teach an english course, and when the students enroll in the course they fill out a questionaire and there is a spot for people to mark if they want to have more information about the Church. well we finally sat down and called these people and we met with one of them monday night. his name is emiliano. he's very young between 20 and 25 i would say. he says he believes in Christ and the doctrine of the catholic church, but doesn't agree with the organization. he has been reading our website and he says he agrees more with our teachings than the catholic church. he says he has never been one to follow the crowd and if he doesn't agree with something he isn't going to do it. obviously he has been prepared. he is exactly what we need! he has the courage to do what he believes is right. and he is SUPER nice. we also had a member at the lesson and she worked it. we proposed the program to him of meeting with us 2-3 times a week for 3-4 weeks and explained that after that time he will have the opportunity to decide if he wants to be baptized. HE WAS ALL FOR IT!!! and we are meeting with him tomorrow!! i am so excited. he's so great, and i have really high hopes for him. i am so grateful for him and that the Lord trusts me and sister zeller to teach this choice young man. it's really incredible (and a bit intimidating!) when you think about it.
last week for p-day  we went to modica, home of the oldest chocolateria in italy! the chocolate in modica is different than any i have ever tasted. it's very pure, totally unrefined, and a bit grainy. i'm sending some to spring court pond, so count yourself lucky if you live there. having sorella jenkins and her family here was awesome. they rented a car and it was so fun to get lost drivng around. i still like public transportation the best though. modica is STUNNING. there are some pictures on the way to you there too.
we have been meeting a lot of new people and weeding out a lot of the old ones. we had a come to Jesus with one of our invesitgators where i literally told her that she will not drink coffee anymore if she wants to get baptized. we tried to meet with her yesterday, but she was sick. so we'll see what happens....
saturday (22-1-11 THE DAY AFTER SPENCER WAS BORN!) was unique. we went to stop by a less active member's house. this guy is amazing. he has a palpable testimony of the truth of the Gospel EXCEPT that he lacks the essential faith to put in into action. he was baptized about 7 years ago, and 5 years ago, his 23 year old son was killed in a car accident. he instantly stopped going to church after being one of the strongest members. he baptized 3 other people!! well to make a long story short, we were there for a long time. it was a very emotional conversation. i was crying visibly, as i have been known to do, by the time we left. roberto says that he knows that he had witnesses that the Church is true, but he was saying, "WHERE IS MY SON? WHERE IS MY SON?" with tears in his eyes. it was too much for me to see this grown man who loved his son so much crying for his loss. we are praying fervently that he will rediscover his faith and learn to accept that God had a plan for his son. maybe God could send him a dream. italians LOOOOOVE dreams and are very supersticious.  we are workin with him, and he loves when we visit. pray for him. the Church needs roberto cammisa.
sunday was really awesome. we went to MASS!!!!! actually it was this prayer group where they were all singing and praying aloud. we met this woman, florinda, a few weeks ago who invited us to this revival. florinda is amazing. she has a light about her. i have no clue what will happen because she believes in this prayer group as much as simba believed he killed his father, but she is a unique person, a real Christian.
this morning we went running and it was AWESOME. i have been so blessed with companions that enjoy running. when i have a companion that doesn't run, they are gonna start....
thank you for your letters, pictures and prayers. i proudly carry my family christmas card 24/7 and show it off all the time. you HAVE to send me a picture of scwilliam (thank you vanessa) ASAP so i can add it to the collection. i love you all. i know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Lord's kindgdom newly restored on the earth. help the missionaries in your city. they need the members. go to the temple everyone.
all my love,
sorella ashman

ps of course dr. almond can have my letters too! 

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