Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1st letter....from ITALIA!

So i made it safely and happily. we are all tired and ready to sleep after over 24 hours without a bed, but we have just gotten our first area assignments!! my first area is........ make a guess!!!!

if you guessed sicily you're right!!!! my first city is ragusa, pretty much as far south as you can get while still being in italy. check it out. its the southeast corner of sicily. so i get another LOOONG day of travel tomorrow! my trainer's name is sorella foote. 

today was great. we got into rome, and i felt so at home. the disgusting bathrooms, the smell of smoke, the weird high heel sneakers. and i ate a meat lasagna! all of us greenies get to stay at the mission home tonight, and sister kelly made us din din. the mission home is an incredible old house built in 1924 for mussolini's daughter! how the church got a hold of it, i don't know, but it is stunning. 

the Lord has blessed me so much. when we got to the mission home, they showed us the map of all the cities in the mission. (perugia isn't an option, but we can always visit there in summer 2012.) but there were only two choices for sisters, on one sicily, and the other way in the south. so either way i was gonna be glad because it is WARMMMMMM down there!!! but i knew i was going to go to sicily because Heavenly Father loves me so much for some reason, and He knew i wanted to go there. 

i just want to share a short story about how much God loves the missionaries. while we were on the long flight, from dallas to london some baby started crying. i was trying to sleep, knowing that i don't get a day to catch up for the next 18 months, and so i prayed, "Heavenly Father, please calm this baby so that her mother doesn't have to worry about her waking up the other passengers." and she stopped crying. it was amazing. she didn't even cry the rest of the trip. 

well i've already taken too long to write, but i'm ecstatic. the mission president and his wife are awesome, and we met the stake patriarch!! fratello calbrese. he is awesome. anyway, i'm leaving here at 6:30 so i got to get to sleep (it's 10:45 already....) 


vi amo
sorella ashman

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