Friday, November 19, 2010

week 2!

over a full week at the mtc and it feels like i've lived here for years. everything is awesome here. i feel the spirit so strongly everyday. this past tuesday was particularly great. the tuesday night devotional was.... life changing. elder pearson from the quorum of the 70 spoke to us about being true disciples. he said that people don't want to follow the rules because "they don't want to lose their personalities." within each of us is the real person that we are. we are all divine beings who all chose- TOGETHER AT THE SAME TIME- to have this mortal experience. somewhere within us, we all have this knowledge. when we keep the commandments, we unlock that piece of divinity that is in us. "when we are true disciples of Christ, we see who we REALLY are." we don't lose our personalities by obeying the rules-- we find the personality that God intended us to have. what an amazing lesson.
last week i was able to attend a temple session with an italian headset. i also got to do the veil in italian. it was incredible. its not something they do normally, but since i know italian i was able to. i also taught the first lesson in italian to elder fontanella, the italian who is going to new york. he's adorable. tonight i get to go sit in with elder sanders' italian class. i am really looking forward to it. i LOVE italian almost as much as i love the Gospel, or disneyland, or halloween. it's up there.
sister rodriguez came in this week! it was so fun seeing her!! life is just going great here. i leave november 30th and i am soo looking forward to Christmas in italy!!! i love you all and i am so grateful for all the letters i have gotten! if you have written me, you WILL be getting a reply dont worry!! but it is a rule that we can only write letters on p-day. which is today. so your letter is on its way.
today i got to wear: my dino shirt
today i cant wait: to have clean garments
today i am so excited: to teach a new investigator
today i hope that: i get all the letters written that i need to!! 

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  1. Love the message from Elder Pearson. I will definitely use that in my Seminary class. Love your blog too. Gospel, Disneyland, Halloween! So funny, those are my favorites too. I know it's weird to like Halloween, but I guess it's just the time of year too and all that goes with fall weather. We're going to Orlando in January for a workshop for Stan so will get to see Disney World/Epcot/Animal Kingdom and Harry Potter world! Have a great week. You're halft done already with the MTC!