Friday, September 3, 2010


you wait,
as i daydream in the sand,
at the place where
i lose control
of my thoughts
and they break free from their cocoons,
new butterflies
called dreams.
you skip through my thoughtgarden,
leaving your fresh scent
like the overtones of a well-aged wine,
and i drink it up,
every drop,
breath by breath.

you wait,
as i daydream in my bed,
at the place where the earth
loses control
of the light
and the sun slides below the flat blue horizon
and the stars yawn
wiping sleep from their eyes
creeping from their cocoons
new butterflies of light.
you skip through the constellations
scattering light with each footstep.

in this moment
where you wait
between awake and asleep
day and night
yesterday and eternity
i am infinite
and you are still out of reach.


  1. any comment will seem trite compared to the coolness of your prose. Very nice.

  2. fabulous, as always. I hope to see a published book of your writings.

  3. OK, I thought you were going to be an interior designer! But now I see you have decided to be a world famous literary giant....