Sunday, May 23, 2010


this poem had a couple of inpirations: one was amanda rodriguez telling me about her play that she is writing and how so and so dies, and i just thought, i don't know anything about death. the only person close to me to pass away was my grandfather, but i still am not too acquainted with the grieving process. but i am acquainted with the death of old selves.
hymn 171
as i walk daily here on earth,
give me Thy Spirit as i seek
a change of heart, another birth,
and grow dear Lord to be like thee.

the new birth talked about in this hymn implies a death, a repentance. so here's my poem about death that i do know.

i've never met Death 
draped in black
scythe, menacing, outstretched 
to take away my life.

i've never met Death
the missionary of change
coming to transport me 
to another time and place
in his cold hands.

i've never met Death
but if he stood at my door
i would welcome him in and 
ask him to do his magic
and take away my life. 

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