Friday, April 9, 2010

from my head like dust

from my head like dust
prayers fly away
in every direction and place
sprinkling their debris
a mist of light and day

prayer in eddies
in the corner
of my room
swirling leaves on sidewalks
skipping stars to the moon

tiptoeing through flowerbeds
sprinkled on my shoulders
resting on my tongue
watercolors on my brainpallette
a wealth of prayers yet to be said
prayers trickle all around
like bakery perfume
someone's head is always a prayer's chimney

and through the smoke of prayers prayed
still i ask
where do prayers go when they leave my head?

Monday, April 5, 2010

just sayin'....

my blog is awesome. I was reading over some of my old entries and i liked it.

alright so newest life updates: everything has changed. yep. that pretty much sums it up!
well i don't think it is any secret that i want to get my self back to italy asap, so when my italian literature professor told us about the chance to go to italy to teach english, how could i say no! this time i am going for the whole school year! SO EXCITED!! i've sent in my application but i am still waiting for my acceptance. let's pray.

this means though that i should graduate before i go, so that i don't have to defer nor get way too much credit for my own good. so i am going to graduate in august. yep, first ashman with a bachelor's coming up in august! (assuming that i get accepted to the program)

so the plan is now: graduate august, italy in october-july (maybe august....) then back to vegas (unless i have a reason to stay in italy...;) FOREVER.)click that link.

this semester has been.... unique. 18 credits, new roommates, new location, new ward, new friends, new realizations, new goals, new opportunities, new set backs, new interests, so much change. one of the things that affected this semester would definitely be institute. what an awesome experience. not only did brother and sister johnston provide us with a full dinner every wednesday, their lessons were off the charts. we were studying the doctrine and covenants, and i learned a lot there. but the last lesson that sister johnston gave was incredible. she kinda slapped us all across the faces saying that easter was so much more important than conference but the buzz was all about conference and the resurrection of the Son of God was to be remembered more powerfully than general conference. she is totally right. the testimony that she bore about the Savior's final days on this earth was powerful and sincere. i am so grateful i was able to be part of that meeting.

well i think i'll do a list of the most important factors that have played a part in this semester:
-i stayed in the library til midnight at least several times a week, if not every night because i had that much homework, so i had no sympathy for people with "exams" or "papers". (and because it kept me away from my apt where i am prone to snacking)
-i didnt lose any weight this entire semester despite strict control of intake (1400 calories?!?!?!) and an increased effort in physical activity. (what's going on??)
-my rent was RIDICULOUS. seriously crazy high. it cost me more than one pay check to live in this place....
-italian, italian, italian, italian, italian, italian
-COWABUNGA!!!!! or the pass/fail class from HELL
-the boy i liked (why was he such a big deal? chissa. chi se ne frega)
-the boy who liked me
-the boy i wish liked me
-the boy i stopped talking to
-finding another job
-eating no flesh mwahaha.

so it was a weird semester. one week left and we're good to go.

today i decided: to stop counting my calories. its time to stop stressin, and start being in tune with how i feel
today i really wanted to just: finish all the poems that are cookin in my brain, but there is no time
today i am going to try: swimming and see if changing the workout helps
today i feel: like i've felt the whole semester.