Tuesday, December 29, 2009

back in the USA

well i made it home from italy safely. the only thing that got broken was our little monk salt and pepper shakers that we got in assisi. sad but it was ok because we bought three sets.
it was really hard adjusting to life again. frankly i'm still getting over the fact that i just spent the most amazing three months of my life in the most amazing city i've ever been in with a really incredible guy and absolutely phenomenal co-workers. but life goes on, even though i had to sneak into the bathroom during two of the flights to cry about things and i was totally worthless the whole time i was home, i've accepted that my life in italy couldn't possibly have lasted. now that i'm back at school, i'm pretty happy but i digress.
thanksgiving was really good. we went up to park city as is now the ash fam tradish. we did the big meal on friday instead of thursday which made it possible for my really good friend ryan mclean to partake of his second feast of the year. It was nice to have him there because everyone else was married or under 18. we played a few awesome rounds of hand n foot.
after thanksgiving, miriam and i went home in time to get to matt hunsaker's brother's wedding reception. It was the first time i'd seen matt since he got home so it was super fun. the next day was matt's homecoming talk which was really really good.
the next tuesday, matt and I took a roadtrip to provo so that I could get my apartment and jobs all situated. that was so much fun. while we were there, we both decided to take summer jobs with our friend brett in chicago. i am going to be the office manager of a pest control company and matt is going to be working in the sales with brett. I'm REALLY excited to go to chicago, especially because of the architecture.
being in utah for that week was awesome. i did so many fun things and i got to go to the temple and got to see almost everyone that i wanted to see. there was even the christmas party of my old ward (go 180th!) which was really fun and i LOVED hanging out with janet hilton again.
after that week i went home and just vegged for three weeks. it was awesome. i went to miriam's school's holiday market then to sushi in summerlin for linz's birthday. we had a fantastic pizza palooza, i went to the foothill choir concert, aunt mari and uncle stan came to visit, i almost passed out at the doctor's office, i saw kasey campbell freshly returned, we did a sick photoshoot, i went to grandpa's christmas party, i watched the vegas bowl at a good friend's house, i went christmas caroling with the paces, i bought a onsie and surprised my parents with it, we had a great christmas (thank you mark summers!), we went to arizona where i got to see my family and a really good friend, darrell legler (you might know him as the cute guy i dated in alaska), then coming home from az, i got to ride with matt hunsaker who just happened to be there for the weekend also and we got stuck in a CRAZY traffic jam, then i spent almost the whole week living at our little house on oklahoma st while scott, lynn, josh, janelle, jay, john and thais were visiting at our house for new year's.
my new year's was really good. a bunch of people were at the little house and at about 10:30 we decided to go to wal mart to get some party stuff. just before 12 we went to the top of the eldorado parking garage and watched the fireworks from the strip. it was so fun! we had all these party favors and silly string and stuff. then we went back to the house for some bubbly and it was just a good time.
the next day was a HUGE barbecue! everyone made such amazing food it was crazy. it was my last hurrah before starting my new year's resolutions.
the next day (saturday the 2nd) i had to drive to provo and try to get moved in to my new apt. well no one was home when i got there, and i can't blame them for taking long vacations i guess... lol anyway long story short, i finally got a hold of the manager at 4:30 ON SUNDAY and she let me in. ryan (bless his heart and soul!) and i made short work of unloading my car and then a few hours later bill and jolena brought over the rest of my stuff. still none of my roommates were there... around 10 or so two of my roommates got back. and then at 11 my room roommate got there. her name is chelsea, but she goes by chuck since we have two chelseas in the apartment. chuck fits her better anyway. she's really funny and she's from atlanta. gotta have one roommate from georgia forever i guess ;)
well i got my surprisingly inexpensive books this morning, then went to my first class, the history of interior design and architecture. it was awesome. it is taught by one of my least favorite professors on the planet (the same guy who gave me such a bad grade in my interior design drafting class)BUT there is no homework, no reading, no papers, just 4 100 point exams, not cumulative on slides that we talk about in class. then i had the best class EVER!! my italian 321 class with one of the best professors in the world. he even remembered me from when i took his class a year ago. the class was full of italian returned missionaries... im about to be finding my new best friend in that class! hehehe SO excited.

today i learned: what suocera means
today i was tickled: that i now have snow leopard operating system
today i took: first day of school pictures with ryan!
today i think it's funny: that we have a dead poinsettia yet specific directions of how to care for it