Tuesday, October 13, 2009

metà e metà

I refuse to accept it, but my time here is half over. This weekend in Florence was awesome! Family that is coming to visit me: here’s the thing. We are going to need to stay there for a few days. Like I think we leave Sunday and go to Florence Monday and Tuesday then we leave Wednesday. Anyway, about my weekend:
Friday night there was a dinner at the school.

It cost a butt load of money, but when all was said and done, it was totally worth it because of the company. My friends here are so awesome!

It was pouring rain and there was a ton of thunder and lightning and stuff. The dinner was awesome (see facebook soon for complete photos of the dinner.) I was sad because after the dinner I had to meet my roommate at Giulio’s restaurant so we could hang out and I didn’t bring an umbrella that day. So much for hanging out in weather like that… anyway I got to the restaurant but it was like to the point where I was just like “I’m getting soaked no matter what.” I walked in an Maria Libera was like “did you fall in a river?” I went back to bathroom and dried off a little. Then we went home. Haha I felt really bad that Annie came into the city on a night like that, but she was totally happy with it, bless her heart.
Saturday we got up and got ready. We went to the bus stop and caught the rapido per Firenze!

The firstish thing we did was just a little bit of a tour. Our friend Sarah is a doctorate student with the university of Toronto who is doing research for her program. She specializes in late Medieval Italian history and she lived in Florence for 2 months so she told us about the city and stuff.
Of course we stopped in a few shops (H&M HELLO) but Annie really wanted to go to the Medici Chapel. I’m so glad we did too. It was AWESOME. Of course, no pics inside, but there was this art there—it looked like paintings, but when you looked close it was all really intricately cut pieces of stone inlaid. It was amazing. I couldn’t help but wonder why I had never studied that method of art before. The Chapel was the tallest building I’ve ever been in. my neck literally hurt looking all the way to the top. To the right of the Chapel is the tomb. This is where Michelangelo’s sculptures of Night, Day, Dawn and Dusk are. I’VE BEEN IN THE SAME ROOM WITH THEM!! Mwahahaha but more than those four, the carvings of the people buried there are much more attractive than Night, Day, Dawn and Dusk. Incredible. Absolutely incredible. After that, we did some shoppin. I bought an awesome zebra striped scarf. [Tip for Aunt Janelle: I remember when I first came back from Italy 6 years ago and you started to wear your scarf they way they were doing then. That way is out (where you fold it in half and pass the ends through the loop). Now it’s cool to just have it around your neck, like a neck brace, no parts hanging down at all.] then Sarah decided to go because she is STILL sick. Annie and I climbed to the top of hill with the best view in the world.
After we took a brazilian pictures, we walked up a little more and found the oldest church in Florence. There was no one else there, so annie was like “we should sing!” so we did! I sang ubi caritas. It sounds so much better in a big freakin stone sanctuary. We also saw this painting.

I just thought it was funny because here we are at the crucifixion of Christ, but Mary is dressed like a Renaissance courtier, and so is the dude on the left (don’t know who he is) and then there is just St. Francis chillin at the crucifixion. He was definitely there, you know, since he is Italian and Italians can transcend time and space like Hiro Nakamura. Anyway, we had a good laugh at that. After that we were fortunate enough to get the cathedral at exactly the right time—they were holding a mass in English!!! THAT, my friends, was AMAZING. I WENT TO A CATHOLIC MASS IN FLORENCE.

My favorite part was when the preacher said, “now share the sign of peace with everyone” and we all shook hands with the people around us. After the mass, we headed in route to the bus station. On the way we stopped in a store where Annie found the perfect poncho. SUPER cute. We eventually got on the bus and were home in time for dinner. Great day.

Sunday was fast Sunday. Three of our four elders got transferred, but that means that we got three new ones, one fresh from the MTC. They are all great. After church we killed time walking around. Sarah, Annie and I went over to the married couple’s apartment. We played with their baby and just talked. Annie and I decided to go to this free concert of baroque music at 5 pm.
It was AWESOME! There were these girls who played the harpsichord like bandits. After the concert, we went home for dinner. It was the best meal ever but I seriously felt sick after eating it because I haven’t eaten stuff that heavy for a while. It was amazing.
Well to sum up, everything is awesome. And for interest’s sake, here’s a pic of me and Giulio.

Details available upon request.
Today I carried: my ridiculous del sol canvas bag
Today I laughed: at nonna’s reaction to the pictures of Giulio (“lui è BELLISSIMOOOOOO!!!!”)
Today I could not: focus
Today I made new friends with: four American missionaries for some other Christian church

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