Friday, September 25, 2009


Seems like a lot has happened since I last wrote. My Australian sisters left and now I have two Australian mamas (Chris and Julie) living in Rita’s house with Annie and me. They are awesome!! I am taking advantage of the fact that they want to go to Assisi and going with them on Saturday. Sunday after church we are going to San Gimignano. So since I have a lot to say, I’ll make a list:
-I went to the market yesterday and bought yellow shoes

-I get to go home for Thanksgiving!
-I am going to Assisi Saturday and San Gimignano Sunday
-I tried Orzo (it’s a drink very much like coffee but made from toasted barley) and liked it!

-I met a really awesome guy named Giulio who works at a gelato shop and gave me baci (anyone who doesn’t know what that is, it’s staying like that). Rita wants me to marry him
-My family is coming in two months!
-I have a phone card so I can call people some time; I just have to figure out when to do it
-I am super happy that everything is settled with the flight and the visit of my family
-Work is awesome. If the architect accepts my proposal, we are going to build a walkway out of composite wood—thanks to me! no one here had even heard of it, but I found a dealer here in Italy! I was quite proud if I may say so.
-The language has been hard the last few days. I need to study my language books.
-Annie and I are going to be the best of friends, just like I predicted

So my Australian aunties are incredible.

Last night we started talking about religion and got into this incredible conversation about God, love, life, repentance, revelation, and everything in between. Chris said that it was a great church meeting. For her, church isn’t a building; it’s a conversation or a feeling. I thought that was a great way to look at it. She reminds me so much of my mom! I am so grateful that Julie shared her story about when she was twelve she thought that church was missing the “oomph.” A few years later she left the Catholic Church she was raised in, and is now a practicing Pentecostal. I can say that I know that feeling, but not about the Church, in regards to my life. There are times that I am missing the “oomph.” Guess what? That is when I am missing the Spirit. The Spirit is the “oomph.”

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  1. Your blog was awesome!! it gave me tingles to read in your words how happy you are!