Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the reason i live, i work, i breathe

My first fast Sunday here was nice. I kind of felt like an idiot in SS because they asked me to read something and I had no clue how to say some of the words, and the other girl from BYU speaks flawlessly. Oh well. Everything was really good. I even bore my testimony. Lately I’ve been realizing how important the Church really is to me. Everyone here knows that I am a member. I mean it really is the reason that I do any and everything. In my testimony I said “La chiesa รจ la ragione che io vivo, io lavoro, io respiro.” “The church is the reason I live, I work, I breathe.” It’s nearly impossible to explain to people here! I miss America in that respect, that the LDS Church is more understood, because drinking and smoking are not such a huge part of our culture.

After church, I met up with Fabiano to go to the museum by the Duomo. I thought it was awesome. He literally fell asleep on the couch. The design was super pretty too. The floor was made of huge slate or shale tiles. I found something interesting in the museum (which used to be a hospital). This skull with the message that pretty much say the couplet penned by Lorenzo Snow, “As man is, God once was. As God is, man may become.”

See! Other people do believe the same things as us! We aren’t total freaks! Well since Fabi fell asleep I kept looking around. When I went back to his couch he was gone. So I decided to go to the piazza before I had the skype date with the fam (which was very fun!).

After I spent like 10 hours on the computer, I went to catch the bus and there was this guy from Idaho that I had met on Saturday. I went over to say hi, and ended up meeting a ton of girls from the USA. We talked for a while and we all decided that they should come over for my b-day tomorrow. I was excited because I am the only American here so far. So we agreed to meet at 6 on Monday. Well Monday I was in my one on one lesson with Manuela when all of the sudden she says “it’s 6 o’clock!” “Managia!!” and I ran to the bus. I was about 10 minutes late. ONE of the girls I had met the day before was there. She had some other girls with her, who were equally friendly so I asked if they wanted to come to my house. The one girl that was there said “uh…I dunno cuz I have to go to my family’s house…” I had asked Rita if I could have 5 girls come over and it took some convincing but she said yes. I was so mad! It was my birthday, and they didn’t even come to the bus stop to tell me they couldn’t make it.

When I got home, Rita was like, “Why are you alone?” and I proceeded to yell (in Italian, which I think gives it a little extra something) that young American girls have no manners and that they think it is acceptable to not show up to appointments that they make and how it is my birthday and we made these plans etc… Then Rita showed me that she bought plate, napkins, spoons, and cups, she cleaned the patio and the inside of the house. That was the worst—that Rita had done all this work for my birthday and then no one showed up. She make this huge Insalata di pane too.

I promise, there is a happy ending. So she brings me inside, gives me dinner and gelato and tells me to ask some other people if they want to come the next day. I said that sounds like a good plan. So at school I asked my friends if they want to come to my party and they all say yes! We have a lecture at 5, then right after we are going to my house to eat the insalata di pane and the rest of the gelato and actually celebrate my 21st b-day. Malin was incensed when I told her that the other girls didn’t show up. ☺ I love Europeans.

In other news, I met my architect today! He is super nice, about late 40s. He said that most of the work they do is restoration. I said I am interested in that definitely. I start work on Monday! I am so happy.

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