Tuesday, September 8, 2009

if you knew their story

Mary Lou Kownacki said, “There isn't anyone you couldn't love if you knew their story.” I’ve found that more and more true since I first heard this quote about three years ago. Every time I give someone a chance and get to know them I end up liking them, or at least appreciating them as a human being and “loving” them. I think that this theory can apply to much more than just people. When “Crush” by david archuletta comes on the radio, the first thing you say is, “I LOVE this song!” then you crank it up and sing every word. But really, do you love that song? When you think about it that song really stinks. “Do you ever think, when you’re all alone, what we could be, where this thing could go?”??? but the thing is, you KNOW the song. You can teach yourself to like certain foods, and eventually you grow to crave them. What I’m saying is, you spend time with someone or something, you know it, you love it.

That’s what happens you learn. I admit it—I even like math when I spend enough time learning the intricacies of it. It’s like I say: “it’s in the details.” You can have a chair that’s pretty, or you can have the Barcelona chair that was designed at the Bauhaus in Germany in the mid-century modern style by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1929 before Hitler closed all artistic institutions in Germany and is still a classic piece of design today. You appreciate it more now don’t you?

Well what it all boils down to is this: I hope that everyone realizes that being open minded brings more love and intelligence to life, and more love and intelligence makes you a more interesting person! Learning= increase in knowledge= increase in light= increase in spirit. Who doesn’t want that? Taking the risk to learn about something gives you one more thing to love and gives you that much more of the Spirit. I love it.

today i met: the architect that i am going to be working with for the next 10 weeks!
today i rocked at: verbi pronominali
today i appreciate: my angel mother
today i finally learned: that making a good slide show with iphoto is SO easy

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