Tuesday, September 8, 2009

i reach for the sun

I reach for the sun.
Sometimes I feel alone
In my solitary search,
Like no one wants to know
The ecstasy of pure light
Pure love
Pure purity.
The outstretched hands all fall
As they are burned by the sun
Or fatigued by endurance
Or distracted by something closer.
And there are my five tiny fingers
My expectant lonely palm
Reaching for the sun
Wanting to give up.
My hand stands like one lonely tree.
And when my hand is alone
Then the wind begins.
So easily shaken
The treehand that stands alone.
And just as the leaves begin to wilt,
There is another hand
Reaching down from the sun.
It pulls up the others’
And mine
And finally my limp treehand
I reach for the sun
And the sun reaches back for me.

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