Tuesday, September 15, 2009

floor plans and fingernail polish

yesterday was my first day at work and i have to say it: i know i am doing the right thing. my new friend alissa and i were talking about how when we are so moved by something it can bring us to tears. now don't laugh. actually i don't care but here's what happened. cristina pulled up a floor plan on the computer and showed me how they notate it when they have made structural changes. when she was showing me i was just overwhelmed with how much i love architecture--my eyes welled up! it was crazy. and i got all tingly and i was just blown away but how much i love creating something beautiful where there was a defect before. its a miracle to me. i asked my boss (his name is sandro senni- love it) if i could go to the interior design show in verona "abitare il tempo" and he said he would work on it. since he is a professional, he can get in for a discount AND go on any day he wants to. so its like a 50 50 right now. i am looking forward to working again today. and i took some of the blueprints that dont have a bunch of lines all over then so i can practice making floor plans. :) teehee
in other news, for this week there are six girls living at nonna's there are 4 seventeen-year-old girls from australia! they are all awesome. last night we stayed up 'til like midnight doing our nails and talking about boys. it was awesome. they are obsessed with america and they love how i say "lollipop." hahaha they are so fun i wish they were here longer than a week. one of them is like the australian version of xan. when she does an american accent, i could swear its her.
my permanent roommate, annie, is also wonderful. we get along great and i need her because she is very mature. i would spend all my time painting my nails with the 17-year-olds but luckily i have annie to keep me in check. we are going to be earlier tonight.... life is good.
today i am going to experience: the italian laundromat for the first time
today i am going to get: gelato from copa cabana
today i wish i had: a toothbrush with me
today: the sun is shining and i love it


  1. i wish that everyone of my kids had had this opp!Im glad you love architecture so much.

  2. Hillary I'm so glad you get to do this! Have you read Eat Pray Love? Today it is my favorite book. You have to have an open mind about it-- but I feel like you have one of those. Anyway, the book is about this year journey/life-revolution. True story! Creative NonFiction yeahhh! Her first four months are in Italy, and maybe you would love it. Its by Elizabeth Gilbert.