Saturday, August 29, 2009

my life as harry potter

well siena is gorgeous. like hogwarts. i left las vegas at noonish on thursday and finally got to my casa at 7 on friday here in italy. omg it was such a crazy trip. on the first flight to toronto, i sat next to an interior designer! she was so awesome. we talked almost the whole way and i got to pick her brain about being a deisgner. the next flight to rome was long and tried to sleep the whole way. i did rather well at that. when i got to rome that's when the fun began. i waited for my luggage then had to figure out how to take the train to siena. my bags both weighed fifty pounds and i had to lug them around each time i got on and off a new train. also when i got off the train i found out that my glasses were broken. snapped right in half... i could sure use some MIGHTY PUTTY!!! or hermione granger to "oculous repairo" them back to normal. so ill either patch them up with some tape or something or have a headache for four months.

so i paid 37 euro to take the train to siena (luckily the language is going ok for me.) i took one into the main part of rome. this station was dirty and gross and full of creepy people and i had to wait there for 2 hours. it wasnt exactly platform 9 3/4. i got on the train just in time. then i got off and got on another. this one was nicer. i sat in a little room with five other people. by this time i was super tired. the other people were nice though. we talked about what i was doing and stuff. you know the lady who brings the trolley by on harry potter? well the italian version is a greasy fat guy ring a bell and yelling "PANINI!!" as he zooms past. i almost said "we'll take the lot!" until i remembered i have no money. after i got off this train, i had to wait an hour in a tiny little GORGEOUS town called chiusi. i sat and talked to a taxi driver who was very nice.

then i got on the train as soon as it got there and loaded all my bags and stuff onto the train. i slept most of the way, and luckily there was a family from australia that i told to wake me up when we got to siena. i got off the train and there was this cute little old lady. i guess i stood out with my huge bags and crazy blond hair. she welcomed me and helped me take my bags to the car. her house is big and old. her name is rita. today she sent me on a bus into the city, so here i am in siena. i dont know how im going to get back to strada pian del lago, but my hour on the comp is almost up. i miss having people with me, but this is a good chance to learn to be comfortable being alone. but i know im not ever really alone and i have been praying like crazy to feel the presence of the Holy Ghost. its going to take some adjusting, but i know this is a good thing for me. thank you everyone for your support. i love you all!

today i wish: i had a side kick
today i am increasingly glad: that i went to alaska this summer
today i wait in anticipation for: my roommate
today has been: a hard day to be yellow

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  1. It is so hard to not be there to help you because I can see that you are a bit scared and certainly alone, even more than an elder in his first area on his mission--but I can see that you are going to be ok- and I'm so glad you are writing it all down so that you have a journal for your kids to read! I think maybe we should come sooner to Italy to visit you!