Saturday, June 27, 2009


well life has been going great. i am totally in love with running. i have gone at least three times every week since i've been here and have been dying to run another real race since my first one in april. ps if you want to see the results click here.
so the ketchikanians know how to party. this 5k is called "only fools run at midnight" and it's a costume party. everyone is supposed to wear a costume and there is a contest and everything. it starts at midnight hahaha im going as a leopard because i actually want to get a good time and not be wearing some crazy costume so i'm wearing my leopard sweater with some ears. you know how i roll.

some thoughts i have had about running:
when you run as far as you can possibly go, that's when you call it half way and head back home.
never ever stop running. go as slowly as you need to, but never ever stop.
run with nothing but your mind. no music, no water, no phone.
running with a backpack makes running without a backpack that much more wonderful.

today i ate: lunch at 10 am because i was so bored at work
today i got: past the halfway mark in darrell's uncle's book
today i really wanted to be: an editor
today i was so happy: to get to know taylor better at work

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