Monday, June 8, 2009

i know every rock and tree and creature has a life, has a spirit, has a name.

do you believe what pocahontas said about rocks having a spirit? in the hymn "my country is of thee" (no. 339) there is a line about rocks breaking their silence. and as we know, everything was created spiritually before it was created physically. i was talking about this with some friends, and one of them gave me the coolest answer. he said rocks probably do have a spirit, but its a little different than ours. it's not a spirit that can act, but one that can be acted upon.

sometimes i wish that i could just be acted upon and not act. being so active gets tiring. maybe rocks are the perfect creation. they are the sure foundation. [Christ compared Himself to the rock!] they don't argue or cause fights. the only time they cause problems is complete accident. they cover the entire the earth, and they make great countertops.

rocks rock i guess.

today i: fasted :)
today i got: the tingles from a great hug
today i left my fate up to: my itunes on shuffle
today i was: super moody....


  1. I do believe that mess on account of I, daily, wish to be Pocahontas.

    My friend Kelsey and I were talkin one day about trees having souls. She said to me,

    "Can you imagine what they'd be like in the Celestial Kingdom with each other...

    Love that.

    Also, you're not a rock.
    This is probably because you are strong, and transformable... and you have something to say. I'm thankful.

  2. me and cam play that song as a duet on the piano. we get really into it. it's called bonding. lol. p.s. i loveeeeeeee you. even when you randomly take off for alaska without telling me. and then end up with a stuuuud of a bf. cool. real cool. :)