Monday, May 11, 2009

honeeeeeeey! im hoooooome! take 3

so las vegas is always going to be where im from. that's how it is. but going to school in provo and making so many awesome friends there made that become home #2. now im here in k town (as we locals call it) and i seriously feel like i've been here for years. when i walk up the hill called bawden street and see the yellow apartments with the red doors, i'm home (the welcoming smile of zac efron doesn't hurt the homieness either...)
so just a little updating, life is spledid here in ketchikan. ps for anyone who is curious, i know my address! just ask.
so this is the table where we greet people and then show them how the stuff changes colors on the UV lights

this is the gallery side that we spent all day friday pricing the items.....


i have been thinking about a lot of stuff, but i dont even know where to start, so i think i wont. :) i have to work in the morning, but i will have some smart things to talk about later. for now life is wonderful. God loves you. and so do i!

today i got fed: a hersheys kiss by a hot guy ;)
today i learned how to: teach true principles as a salesman
today i think: my bananas got sick
today i was: creeped out by some people


  1. Hi love! :)
    I'm so excited you have a blog. :) and slightly sad you didnt' tell me about it earlier. :) woot! love you love you! and the hubby and I are going to Vegas later this summer. :) yay. still love it there. and yeah-#1 on the list is getting gelato. mmm.

  2. mylittlepony tattoos= you have rad friends for sure woman. keep writin i love this!