Thursday, April 23, 2009

living the life

so i've been thinking about myself. not in a totally selfish way, just like the ways that i have changed and stuff. i feel like im not the same person that i was a few years ago, but i also feel like other people have a hard time accepting that. you know what i say? accept it. because i like who i have become. i wish that people could forget the jerk i used to be and see that im a good person now! i know who i am and what i want, and no one is going to come between me and my life. im happy, i try to be kind, and im still learning. 

what a crazy week... it was probably the shortest week i have ever experienced, and im still alive and well. plans have changed, tests have been taken, tears have been shed, weight has been gained, sleep has been lost, and messes have been made, and still i have good old tiger (my computer) by my side. well i have added a new member to my family of things (joining tiger, luna the ipod, electra the bike, and heimlich my car). his name is fabio and he's a delightful little digi cam. 
aint he cute? :) so now i will be regularly posting pictures! yay :) 

i got a lot done today. i got my teeth cleaned, i got my camera, i did my laundry, i got the shoes that im going to be wearing all over europe (this was probably the most important part. they are cute and silver with an orange sole!!)

so i realized a few days ago that i never reported the results of my media fast. (for anyone who doesn't know, i didn't watch tv or movies or listen to pop music for the month of march) the principle was this: in marriage prep we were talking about how 90+% of immorality stems from participation in improper media, so we were challenged to go a month without it and see how we feel. i dont know that it did anything for my morality, but it really helped with my time. it was so nice to not be able to come in and flop down in front of the tv. since then, i really have had little desire to watch tv (except what not to wear....) 
its just a huge waste of time. it was also surprising to realize how much music i listen to (and how much tv i watch...). i listen to music as soon as i sit down at work, as soon as i walk in th door from school, as soon as i get in the car. its crazy. the last thing i learned was that it is literally impossible to stay away from media. walking through a building on campus, they play music. i come home from school, my roommates are watching a movie. my teacher shows a clip on a powerpoint in class. get in someone else's car and they are playing music. its just crazy how hard it really was to do it. so i dont think my chasteness increased at all but i seriously learned a lot. and of course, to celebrate when i finished, i watched human beings being ripped apart in jurassic park. thank you spielberg.
today i relished: being done with school so early
today i spent: more money than i have in a long time
today i told: miriam a secret
today i should have: washed my feet  


  1. Did it make you want to change any of the media you consume?

  2. Wow! That media fast sounds intense. I'm pretty sure we wouldn't be able to last without the TV at our house. ;-) I think you can be whoever you want to be in your life. If you are comfortable and happy with yourself, then you are obviously doing the right thing. That's the beauty of being able to choose things for yourself. And if someone doesn't like who you are.. ditch em! No sense in hanging out with someone if they are just going to bring you down.

    And now I will step off my soap box!

  3. I just saw an article that said according to a recent survey, 52% of Americans consider a TV a necessity. I guess that's the lowest it's been since the 70's. Maybe more people are thinking TV is pretty worthless.