Thursday, April 2, 2009

verità, waarheid, vèretiè, verdade, truth

canterbury (it probably looked a little different in chaucer's time)

chaucer’s pardoner was a sinful man. he was a drunk and a fornicator, and his companions on their journey to canterbury challenged him to tell a moral tale. he proceeds to tell a tale about three gluttonous men. they find a treasure and decide to split it equally. before they can take the loot, one of the men has to go to the town and get supplies. while he is gone, the two remaining men plan to kill him when he returns, and he decides to poison the wine that he is bringing to them so that he gets all the money to himself. when he returns, the others kill him, then, drinking the wine, the two men die as well. the moral of the tale: Radix malorum est cupiditas. 

 but the real question is: is this tale a true tale, if the man that told it is like the greedy murderers in the story? can an immoral man tell a moral tale? can you find any truth amid the evil in the world, and is it possible that that truth could come from some unexpected source?

as i was thinking about this in my humanities class, i thought about one of the most poignant experiences i have had with a friend who got involved with drugs, even to the point of jailing. he told me to never fall out of fellowship with the church and commended me for staying strong so far. clearly this person made some poor choices, but i really feel like i learned more from hearing this testimonial than i do when i hear it in sunday school.

truth is everywhere. in my creative writing class, in a dr. laura book, in a conversation with a young man who was jailed for drug use, in the pardoner’s tale, in a painting, in a park, in nature. 


its all about finding it.

today i finished: my media fast. me, jurasic park, couch, tonight. done. 

today i really want: money

today i secretly: applied my make-up at work

today my mouth tastes like: chicken noodle soup


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  1. Hillary-- I started reading your blog today on account of I think you're rad. Plus, you're always wearing colors, which is refreshing. Did you know that that's refreshing? I appreciate you Hillary Ashman. And now I'm reading your blog in an I-admit-it-and-so-hopefully-its-not-creepy kind of way.