Thursday, April 30, 2009

so delightful

things that are delightful:
funny airport workers
flights that aren’t completely full
small airplanes/ feeling like the pres on air force one as you walk to the tiny plane on the blacktop
small towns with small airports
sitting by a scottish businessman on an airplane
baby babble
pickup trucks
80s pop
onesies with pandas on them
hugs from 7 year olds
cute ticket takers at small movie theatres
zac efron in aviators and tight jeans
old houses
stuffed pizza
the faces babies make while teething
wobbly babies who can't hold their heads up
small and/or old things (not commonly found in vegas)
britney spears singing toxic
being asked how old my baby is
huge bags of craisins
baby burying his face in my chest

so the last week or so has been great! the flights were fun, especially from portland to medford. i was on a tiny plane. it didnt even have wings, just propellors!! it was so cute. i felt like the president cuz we walked out to it and up the stairs and i felt like i should turn around and blow a kiss to my public. the ride on the tiny plane was very bouncy. the guy sitting next to me was a hot 40 year old type. you know those guys who somehow still look great with all gray hair? yeah. plus he was from scotland. he was studying to be a cfa. (don't ask me what it is, i just remember the f stood for financial.) as soon as i got off the plane, debbie and xan were right there! the airport was teeny tiny. that night we went to hometown buffet. there was a bowling team having their end of the season awards ceremony. pretty funny. then i put xan's hair in sponge curlers. in the morning i took xan to school after i did her hair (and we stopped at dutch brothers). then i went running which was good. i did about 4.3 miles according to then gram and i took henry and went to mcdonalds for salads. some lady asked me how old my baby was. haha when we got home, ethan and i went to see 17 again. the ticket guy was really cute and so was zec efron. the movie was ok. the house where zec efron was staying was incredible. then i took him to cold stone. then we hung out for a while until debbie got home with pizza from papa murphy's. then we watched run fat boy run. i fell asleep like 15 minutes before it was over.... good day. :)

ive been thinking about families. i see how fictional the perfect picket fence family that i see in my mind in my future is. the thing that is clear is that nothing i expect will happen will happen. i wonder how my life will play out. one thing is for sure though, with friends and family like mine (and the gospel) it will be good.

today i finally understood: the purpose of mudflaps
today i treated others: the way i want to be treated
today i can't believe: it's already may
today i am grateful for: little diners

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