Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy easter!

i am a huge believer in the relationship of emotion and color. on friday i was planning my mocktail, i woke up early, i talked to good friends, it was just a great day. it was totally pink. yesterday was rushed and emotional. it was a deep rose red day. and then today....
earlier i wrote about how people make up this happy dream world on their blogs. well today was a rough day, and i learned that some people are mean. it was overcast and i forgot a lot of stuff. it was gray.
but right when i start thinking like that, i get this idea to call my mom. oh. my. gosh. 
i love you!!!!
mom i dont know if you read this, but thank you sosososososososososo much. you are my angel, and i couldn't have gotten through this day without you. (you're golden) so i was at a guys apt reading, basically right after he dumped me. again. i fell asleep on his couch for a little bit. then i woke up and i seriously felt like garbage, so i called mamallama and i feel like spring green. 

so this will be a good week. im throwing a mocktail party on tuesday: 
brandi's bridal shower is on thursday
im hiking the Y with billy joel on saturday. :) 
life= delightful. 
by Hillary Jade Ashman

Let's go to Exaltation
Where Eternal's hands
Are whole and open.
Let's accept the fruit that Eternal's 
Whole hands hold
Hovering with no hesitation.
Let's take a big bite and
Let the juice run down our chins.
Let's laugh while we 
Eat the whole treat.
Let's leave the dark in Eternal's hand,
And take the gift,
And never look back, 
And fly to Exaltation. 

To Fathom God
by Hillary Jade Ashman

The Earth exhales around me.
The seasons change
And so do I.
Concepts that were classified 
(Ageless and Perpetual)
Become tangible and
Ten tiny fingers
Tiptoe to the task, 
Seeking to firmly grasp.
And cautiously I begin
To begin
To begin
To fathom God. 
The breath of the Earth
Lightens me,
Enlightens me,
End light ends me,
The me that no one wants to be. 
Time and I move on together.
He's wrapped his blue blanket around my shoulders. 
It feels like a warm cloud of earthy condensation, 
And it cleans me in its steam. 
The Earth exhales around me.
The seasons change
And so do I.

today i leanred that: suzanne knows everything, especailly me.
today i admitted: yellow is my secret favorite color.
today i thought about a mug: because i painted one last night and it will be finished on wednesday!!!
today i am: beyond grateful.

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  1. Ahh, spring green! And yellow is my secret favorite color too because I love how it looks with green. You are right about your mom... and she's lucky to have a daughter like you. If I had a daughter I would want her to be just like you! Well, that won't happen because there won't ever be another Hillary! Just think, two weeks and you'll be in Oregon and then on your way to Seattle, then Alaska, then Italy!