Sunday, April 26, 2009

30 years and 5 kids later, and they still like each other. and food.

i love las vegas. its so sunny and beautiful, and there are actual adults working at restaurants!! that's  what i was most pleased about at my parents 30th anniversary dinner!!! i was the first one to walk in, and as they seated us, i told the hostess that it was my parents' anniversary and she says 'anniversary ok' and i knew she would do the rest.  dinner was delightful. (my parents got a free dessert--i was hoping for an obnoxious song with clapping and arrrrribas!!! but this place was way too classy...) everything was delicious and made me so nostalgic for italy. i felt like a returned missionary reliving the good old days in the field. well i think ill let the pictures do the talking. i realized afterward that i had only taken pictures of the food and not of the people... go figure

i just want to let everyone know how wonderful my parents are. i dont know how to say in words, but i am beyond grateful that they put the effort into creating and running my wonderful family. my family isn't perfect, but i only have to look around at the crazy world to know i would never want anyone else. thanks mom and dad for bringing us together. i love you!!

today i was disappointed that: the full text editor was down
today i changed: three poopy diapers.
today i wished that: it was socially acceptable to wear socks with ruffles around the ankles
today i was deemed: a hot fat slut. hahahahaha

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